Full name; Katelynn Rose Wilson
Age; 14
P.O.B; Los Angeles, California
D.O.B; 27/7/1999
Biography; Katelynn lives in New York with her auntie and uncle in a big, french modern home. her auntie and uncle are rich, strict and very posh. When Katelynn was 8, her parents drowned in the ocean on their Honeymoon, from that day since, she hated even being near the water. Katelynn can be depressed at times, but doesn't act like it aloud. Katelynn is very competitive and fights for what she believes in. She never lets anyone get the best of her. Katelynn is strong, she doesn't seem like it, but she is. She competes in dance and gymnastics competitions.
Personality; Shy, Smart, Sweet, Sensitive, Brave, Confident, Girly.
Likes; Her auntie and uncle, Singing, Dancing, Gymnastics, Cookies, Dirt roads, Animals, Bubbles, Pie, Eyeliner, Mascara, Traveling, The color pink.
Dislikes; Oceans, lakes, To much makeup, Bullies, Small spaces, Onions, Mushrooms, Boats, Pools, Being itchy, Cuts, Bruises, Socks with sandals, Wearing Glasses.
Flaws; Katelynn is a little to skinny for her age.
Secret(s); Has a tattoo on her shoulder. She hates being near a lake, ocean, or pool, She owns no bathing suits.
Other; Katelynn Wears Glasses.

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