Kate Delacour

{ F U L L N A M E } : Katherine "Kate" Delacour
{ A G E } : 17
{ C E L E B R I T Y L O O K - A - L I K E O R P O L Y V O R E } : Dianna Agron and Emily Osment
{ H O B B I E S } : Surf, take care of snakes (i love snakes), Play the guittar and the piano. And also i love read books (Favorite witters: Stephen King and JK Rowling
{ B I O G R A P H Y } :She comes from a family descended from French, after a time moved to britain and now they are one of the noblest English families. Her father its an entrepreneur of a privately firm of technology and her mother has a line of cosmetics and couture clothing. She has a brother Frederic Artur.
The family Delacour have always drawn a clear line between the poor and those with wealth and authority.
Independents and wealth without work for a living, generally prefer to exercise power between racks, and are content letting others do the hard work and the other people are responsibles for any failure. They have helped finance many of the campaigns of their favorite candidates. We can say that they are a very influence family
{ P E R S O N A L I T Y } :A little bigot, dramatic, she always get what she wants and does everything to get it, but she is not wholly bad, she is loyal to what she believes and she can become a true friend if you're clever enough to ensure her loyalty. Borned to dominate and not afraid of anything. We could describe she as a very special girl.
{ C L I Q U E C H O I C E } : Vintages (But i prefer something more high)

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