Kateryna Poriskov
Age: 15 - Sophomore
Nationality: Russian
Biography: Kateryna moved from Moscow when she was 12 years old, to the Ukraine, and danced for a major company in Kiev, and was trying to get a spot in a major company in New York City. When her brother got seriously ill, she opted out of the American life, and heard of this private school. When she heard of the success rate of the students that went, she immediately wanted to go, however, she started to question herself, but her parents promised her that she wouldn't regret it.
Model: Irina Lazareanu

"Miss?" The water taxi driver tried to get my attention.
I was too busy thinking about what I was doing. Did I really want this? Would my brother be proud of me? I could just get the driver to go back to the airport..
"Miss, do you want me to get your bags?"
"Oh, sure."
What was I doing? I knew I was going to regret this, as the driver helped me onto the sidewalk. Right in front of me was the academy, tall and regal. My knees suddenly got very weak. I turned back around to get in the water taxi, but he had already left. I had no other choice but to walk towards the academy.
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