i want to give this set to @elenasmile @marina-petrova @ashleypetrova @beachchickxoxo @rainie-minnie @lollie @mars @mery90 @ruhpattinsonleto @queenb-nyc to say to you all i miss you so so so so so much <3 i hope there will be more time to make edits ...some sets from season 4 ....im so sorry hope you all understand that im so busy -.- looooove you guys i miss you so so so so so so much <3


Wrote three years ago
Ohmygosh I can't believe I didn't see this!! Absolutely stunning set! Thank you so much girl, I adore it!! Your edit is flawless, and I've always loved this quote. It's one of the only times (that I can think of) where Kat actually admits that she had loved both Salvatores. The blending you did here is fabulous! Thank you so much dear, I love it! :D

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
amazing edit, dear :)

Wrote three years ago
Sweetie, i loooooove this edit! Love Kath the b*tch ;) its super gorgeous set <3333 Thank you so so much for this, thank you for thinking of me, and I really understand you, because I´m pretty busy too -__- i have no time to make sets, nor edits :( so I hope for both of us it´ll get better :) thank you so much agaaain dear xxxxxxxx

Wrote three years ago
omg dear <3333 thaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!! what lovely and so stunning set, as all your sets btw xD
I looooooove it :))) you're so sweet and cute and i miss you so much too :(( so thank you so so so so so much again sweetie <33333 many many kisses :D xoxo

Wrote three years ago
Hey sweetie, how are you? Thanks for the tag and for thinking of me, I really miss you and your beautiful edits. Hope you will find some time for Polyvore. How is season 4 so far, do you like it? This is such a great edit, I love Katerina and this quote is superb! Well done!! Have a great week. Kisses!!

Wrote three years ago
OMG OMG sweetie this edit is so FABULOUS, I totally love it!! It's incredible.. And the quote is so perfect! Thank you to thinking of me dear, I understand everythink and it's okay! But I like to see more your sets of season 4!! Have a nice day dear, love youuuu <3

Wrote three years ago
Aw, Thank you so much for this amazing set! I love how you edited it. I understand being super busy so don't worry about it! Thank you so much again dear and I hope you are well!

Wrote three years ago
Adorable set Honey! You HAVE to enter it to my Contest, really, theres no way out of it, you have to hahaah.
I love the colors in your set, .. very inspiring at all! I want more edits.♥

Wrote three years ago
ahhhhh @caty-wesley this is for you toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo <3 i miiiiiiiiiiiiiss you so so much darlin

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