katherine ann m. eleise♥

kaтheяιηє aηη m. eleιѕє♥
15 3rd of jan.
sorry, i only speak Prada and Chanel..
portrayed by Barbara Palvin
she grew up in London, and knows all the stores by heart. she has been to france nine times, with her father. her mum would go out every night, get drunk and have affairs with other men. she died from an overdose. Katherine never mentions it... she isn't exactly the sweetest girl on earth, and is only nice to her "handle bars" or people on "her level"
alexander eleise (dad) & maria vang eleise (mum, dead)
her puppy Barbie is a bichon frise puppy. she takes her everywhere and loves her much
prized possessions: her iPhones, her ipad, her laptop, Barbie, etc. etc.
phone: iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, a long with an iPad mini
perfume: miss dior
other: don't wake a sleeping tiger

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