Luciella Catherine Ross

♢ full name ; Luciella Catherine Ross
♢ pronunciation ; Lou-c-ella Kath-ur-en R-uss
♢ orgin ; 35% Italian Beauty, 10% French Gold, 20% Canadian Kindness, 30% British Brightness, 5% California Beach Babe
{ ♦ }
♢ age ; Twenty
♢ birth place & date ; Manhattan, New York on July 1st, 1991
♢ hometown ; Los Angeles, California
{ ♦ }
♢ appearance ; {Barbara Palvin} Everyone knows the song California Girls, but Lucy is the real deal.
♢ personality ; Used to living in luxury, and never having to work a real job in her life this little beach babe has a spoiled side. She is sweet as an angel, but get on her nerves she will make your life a living hell. She only hangs out with a close knit group of friends, but she is friendly. She can persuade herself out of any situation and adds a bit of sass in it. This fiesty and fierce leader will never take no for an answer.
♢ biography ; Living in California her whole life Lucy is used to life being a party. She travels a lot for her modeling to New York, Florida, Hawaii, Australia, Italy, but she prefers staying at hotel on a private island or at her family's house in the Hamptons. But she has been at college for the past two years. Getting accepted to all the colleges she applied to, Lucy eventually went to Harvard to get a degree in the Arts for photography.
{ ♦ }
♢ job ; She works as a model for many famous companies, but she also has a knack for photography and is quite good, although she is waiting for the world to discover her talent.
♢ skills ; very fast runner, cooking, holding her breath for a long period of time, a large amount of stamina
♢ other ; She is used to living on a beach, but being stranded is a little out of her comfort zone.

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