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BotBKF♔ Round 1:

Rules: Make a set of your fandom: if your'e an ELFs, Sones, Playgirlz, A+, Kamilia...etc. and answer one question/situation from the three below.. only ONE


Well, I was thinking about not making a set about Shawol because some people already did it, but let's face it, SHINee is the first group that became a real obsession to me, I love Beast too, but SHINee wins (not for much but wins)

So I choose..... *drum's rolls*

Situation 02!!!!
Your prayers have been answered: your super mega ultra bias is coming to your country, specifically to your city and you couldn't be more stoked. To keep yourself overwhelmed by all the possibilities that await your beloved group step on the same soil as you, you have to reserve a seat and buy a ticket, but as when it's your turn to buy a ticket, it's suddenly sold out! what would you do just to see the group your'e dying to see?

First, I would be completely stressed over not getting a ticket but I wouldn't worry to much... why? because I'm fine about not going to my favorite group concert? noooo... because I'm in Ecuador and here there's something called re-selles and you can buy them the tickets... so no big trouble... of course it would cost like three times the real prize but I have my parent's money... hehe ^^ but... what if I wouldn't be able to do so? Oh God! I'd panic and start to design weird plans like stealing the ticket to someone or making my friend fake a faint to catch the attention of people and then sneaking into the place... I know that it'd be an epic fail, so at the end I would try to find people who's selling tickets online ... there must be someone right? I would be willing to pay any amount to see my idols... I'm just sure about something... I definitely would go to that concert... NO MATTER WHAT!
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