First, I'd Like to say I had very much fun with this set-I was laughing like a freaking hyena every time I read one of those texting things. The one on the upper right corner reminds me of my bf and I the one to the left made me feel smarter and the one farthest left had me rolling on the floor haha Anyyyhoo here ya gO:

Sometimes the texting conversation goes "hey" "hey" "whats up" "nothing, u" "same" and the end. So incredibly boring, and sooo stupid. It's even worse when you're talking to a cutey/your crush! So here are some pointers on how to keep the conversation going:

Never Say 'Nothing" ♥
"whats up?" "nothin" Nooo! It's never "nothin" you MUST be doing something! Instead answer "wondering what life be like for a pigeon", "watching tv and wondering how the heck this tv series is still alive" "dying of hunger, but to lazy to get anything to eat Liek seriously! You are doing SOMETHING! Make something up if you need to just never say nothing. I mean, how do you respond to that?

Never Say "K" ♥
First it's slightly insulting, like you aren't listening to a word they said and it's one of those answers that barely any one has an answer to. 

Give details ♥ 
Instead of saying you're just reading tell them what book your reading, if it's boring or if its exciting or making you want to cry. 

Ask Questions ♥ 
Not to the point of being stalkerish, but just ask questions. Like if they say they are eating ask what are they eating? 

Question >comment ♥ 
after they answer a question make a comment, like if they say they are eating nutella answer something like: omg! I LOVE nutella! Have you ever tried it with spicy cheetos?

Random ♥
If the conversation slows down just say a random thing-like rawr or the blue text things in the middle of the set, something like that. 

If All Else Fails-The Question Game ♥
I think everyone know whats the questions game is-you take turns asking random questions on and on and on. Sometimes you can get into a conversation of an answer too. Just either ask wanna play the ? game? or RANDOM QUESTION TIME!! like a game host or whatever, Its fun and sometimes very very funny. 

TADA! Thats basically it, might had more points as I think about it but thats basically it! 

<3 Bristina
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