Saturday - Its Julia's birthday today! So buy her a sweet present and join us all for a huge party held at the mansion. Invite some hot guys and the one you have your eye on, and get ready to have fun and just let loose.

I limped down the stairs, still in pain from the other day. I was told to rest in bed but I couldn’t stay away from Julia’s party. I mean it was hard not to. I reached halfway down the stairs before taking a break.

“OMG! Hanne, you’re out of bed?” I heard Ali, She ran up to me and gave me a big hug, before pulling away to say, “You should be in bed” She looked at me trying to act cross.

“Ali, I can’t miss Julia’s party. I mean I don’t have a present for her and I really want to give her a hug to say happy birthday” I smiled; Ali laughed before helping me down the stairs to where everyone was. 

The room was beautiful. Champagne was being handed out, glitter on the floor and the chandelier looked better than ever, sparkling above our heads. The models all in small groups, flirting with the boys and giggling away, the sound was almost up lifting. It felt almost like a dream. I was amazed.

“Hanne, I’m going to get a glass. You want one?” Ali asked. I shook my head before finding a seat that was vacant and sitting down to put up my leg.
I saw Lily across the room. For the last couple of days, I felt as though we had drifted apart a little bit. I guess I had been a bad friend to her but I guess I deserved it. Ali returned with her drink and then went off again leaving me to be by myself. Damn, I thought, If only my leg wasn’t acting up I could be talking and dancing like everyone else. I looked around for Julia and couldn’t see her until I saw her leave the room. 

“Well that’s great” I muttered to myself out loud, my head sinking.

“What is?” I heard a voice; I looked up to see Ginta and Sasha, both looking energised and a little bit tipsy.

“Oh nothing, it’s cool. Man, I’m bored” I sighed before looking up at them with puppy eyes. Sasha let out a laugh so loud, it made me giggle a little.

“Well Hanne, why don’t you dance with us?” Ginta said grabbing my hand and trying to pull me up off the chair.

“I can’t, my leg” I resisted her pulling, giggling still at the sound of Sasha’s laugh. Bregje walked past with Frida.

“Bregje, can you please help Hanne get off her lazy ass and come dance with us. She doesn’t have to dance all night just one dance” Sasha pleaded. 

Bregje smiled before grabbing my other hand and pulling me up. 

 I stood on my leg, no pain shot up it. “Ok girl’s one dance” I said before linking arms with Sasha and Bregje with Frida and Ginta tagging along behind. 

I started to dance, not feeling any pain for the first couple of minutes and then, it shot up my leg. I tried to ignore it and continued to dance next to Frida and Ginta before feeling a tap on my shoulder. I quickly turned to see Noami standing behind me. I stopped and out of the corner of my eye I saw Xavier talking to some other guys, he looked amazed. I had told him I couldn’t go out because my leg needed to heal and now that he had seen me dancing, I felt so bad but right now I had to deal with Naomi.

“What are you doing Hanne?” she questioned me in a stern tone. I felt scared and also fragile.

“I’m sorry Naomi” I said before toppling to the ground in pain again, She helped me up and Xavier ran over to help.

“Could you please take her up to her room for me?” she said looking disappointed in me. I tucked my hair behind my ear and looked downwards. Xavier nodded. Before lifting me up and carrying me.

He took me up the stairs, not saying a word. I could feel he was angry at me.

“Which room?” he asked in a monotone voice.

 I pointed to the door before he swung it open and put me on my bed. He stood up straight and turned to walk out the door. Slamming the door behind him. I knew this was a mistake. I had lost my trust with Naomi and Xavier was ignoring me. I hated being model.
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