- keep me in your skin, keep me in your chest, i'll wait for it to start, i'll wait for it to end

@xo-laurenamy idk what this is ogod i'm so tired i'll do the boy one tomorrow
  • Taylor Marie.
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    "this is aubrey ellie olsen, eighteen years young, born on the twentieth of may." — @izzy-xoxo
    A blog dedicated to the lovely Taylor Mangan.
  • Travel across America. The city of Miami in the State of Florida
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    "miami is where she was born and raised, its one place she would never think of permanently leaving, she loves it there." — @izzy-xoxo
  • Ocean photo, beach photo, Crashing Waves, Horizon, Landscape, South Beach Florida - 8x10 fine art photograph
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    "most of aubrey's free time is spent down at the beach, it relieves her of stress, and its just a nice place to meet people and have fun." — @izzy-xoxo
    TITLE: Crash SIZE: 8x10 This was taken on beautiful South Beach, Miami, Florida. DESCRIPTION: This fine art photograph is printed by a professional lab on premium, acid-free, archival paper that will last a lifetime. I sign all photographs on the back and they are mailed in sturdy photo-mailers. Order this print in another size:
  • imgfave | share your visual inspiration
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    "job wise, aubrey has no clue what she wants to do yet. she's the type of girl who kind of just goes where life takes her, most of the stuff that happens doesn't tend to be planned, but she does a lot of advertising for parties and clubs, she finds it fun." — @izzy-xoxo
  • lets disappear until tomorrow
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    "drawing is something she does to pass the time, occasionally she'll draw people, but most of the time its just little sketches." — @izzy-xoxo
  • Tumblr
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    "aubrey is the type of girl that will spend a lot, and then she'll forget she'll spent it, and try to buy something with no money, safe to say she can be pretty forgetful." — @izzy-xoxo
  • september 2012
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    "she lives in converse or flats, they're so comfortable for her." — @izzy-xoxo
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    "she travels to england a fair amount on holiday, as she has a few relatives over there, but she prefers to stay where its hot." — @izzy-xoxo
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    "bestfriend? this would be hers. they met after he came over to miami for a shoot, they ran into one another and got talking, at first aubrey had feelings for him, but they passed with time, she likes getting the chance to see him." — @izzy-xoxo
    "But actors are vulnerable, and the reason we're vulnerable is that we're always trying to recreate...
  • ♔ Love and Fairy Tales
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    "she has a tattoo here, but instead, its of a vine running down her wrist, she designed it herself." — @izzy-xoxo
    Charlotte, Britain ♔
  • light of your life, fire of your loins.
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    "leggings or ripped jeans are another thing she lives in." — @izzy-xoxo
    Concert going, beach loving, insecure, male celebrity obsessing, music crazy, blue eyed blonde.
  • simplicity
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    "like every kid, aubrey was in a rush to grow up, and now that she has, well she doesn't know what to do. she still lives with her older brother until she can find a decent, well-paying job." — @izzy-xoxo
  • nick roux | Tumblr
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    "this is aubrey's older brother, jason. he's 23, and he has a well-paying job, so has a large house in which aubrey lives in too, which he doesn't mind as they get on well, they always have." — @izzy-xoxo
  • Annie Loves
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    "aubrey's walls in her room are just filled with random patterns, she likes to just paint and draw things on there with friends, its fun for her." — @izzy-xoxo
  • Tumblr
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    "love doesn't come easy to aubrey, as she doesn't trust many people, and she's too scared to hand all of her feelings to one person, which is why she's reluctant to talk to most boys." — @izzy-xoxo
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    "turtles are probably her favourite animal. she fell in love with them while watching finding nemo, and she's gone swimming with them, she just loves them basically." — @izzy-xoxo
  • Protests for gay rights all over America on Saturday, November 15th!
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    "gay rights is something she supports, one of the main things she supports." — @izzy-xoxo
  • Women's Marc by Marc Jacobs Geraldine Sweater
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    "she adores anything over-sized, its pretty much all she wears." — @izzy-xoxo
    Keep warm and remain stylish in the Geraldine sweater from luxury designer label Marc Jacobs , taken from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. The sweater features a woven cable knit design with ribbed detail, long sleeves and a straight neck. The slouchy, loose-fitting Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater is a wardrobe essential for the upcoming season and will never go out of style. Geraldine sweater. Cable knit. Ribbed detail. Long sleeves. Straight neck. Cotton: 100% cotton.
  • Iron Ranger boots
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    "along with some form of boot." — @izzy-xoxo
    Iron Ranger Boot in brown leather with laces, contrast stitching and a cork soles. Size: U.S. 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5 & 10 Materials: 100% Briar Oil Slick leather and Goodyear Welt Construction soles. Colors: Brown Fit: Slightly large. Go down one str.
  • Breakfast in wonderland
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    "she finds winter an unforgiving season, though it does let her stay in bed all day." — @izzy-xoxo
  • Moon to Moon Collections
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    "music is the one thing that can take her mind off of anything. did i mention she has mild depression? music is what takes her out of that side of her mind." — @izzy-xoxo
  • $$$$
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    "although being told she has a lovely figure, she never believes it. whenever she looks in the mirror, all she sees is fat and chubbiness. she hates it, which is why she exercises so much." — @izzy-xoxo
  • princess
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    "she thinks pet names are cute. most girls hate them, but she likes just being called 'babe' or 'baby'." — @izzy-xoxo
    i'm tori
  • fantasies
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    "like any other girl, aubrey can have expensive taste sometimes. not too often, but definitely with perfume, its something she's picky on." — @izzy-xoxo
    isobel, england.
  • before i die
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    "she has a bucketlist. so far she's completed a quarter of it, but she wants to complete parts of it with a friend, or somebody she really likes, to share the experience with someone." — @izzy-xoxo
    What do you want to do before you die? Meet your favorite celebrities? Travel all around the world? Find love? Tell us all about it! We do not own the photos that we post unless stated otherwise, so...
  • Fuck yeah Skate and Snowboarding
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    "skateboarding is one thing she wants to learn." — @izzy-xoxo
  • bambi northwood blyth | Tumblr
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    "her style is basically big tees / blouses, tucked into shorts." — @izzy-xoxo
  • Single Barrel | Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
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    "aubrey likes drinking and getting drunk. but who doesn't? its a stress relief." — @izzy-xoxo
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    "she knows that her generation are probably the worst. and she hates it. but there's nothing she can do about it. so she just tries to avoid the people she doesn't like, to make things better for herself." — @izzy-xoxo
  • Luke - Luke Bilyk Photo (14603866) - Fanpop
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    "she will watch any sport. she just likes watching people play sport, and how into the game they get. its a physcological thing, she's quite like that." — @izzy-xoxo
  • Fuck Yeah Francisco Lachowski
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    "this is the guy aubrey currently has her eye on. she met him at a party through zara, and they just got on." — @izzy-xoxo

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