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Meili Sun // Girls With Wings

☆ Friday : Aloha ladies! We're taking a trip to Maui, Hawaii to begin work on the VS Swim catalogue! We're flying out nice and early, 5:00 AM to be exact. Once we get there, we've got an evening Luau to attend. Have fun! (Today is also the last chance to get try-outs/intros in) 

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“Breathe in,” my yoga DVD cooed to me from my laptop as I held my tree pose, “And breathe out.” I let my prayer-style hands push up above my head. A content smile came across my face as I felt the peacefulness spread throughout my body. This Zen moment was interrupted by a loud knock on my door. The disturbance completely threw off my balance and I came crashing to the floor.

“Hello?” a blonde head poked into my room. She saw me lying on the ground. “Are you okay?” She sprinted over, offering me a hand which I gladly accepted.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I said, rubbing at my hip which had slammed against the floor.

“You didn’t have the ‘do not disturb’ sign up and the door was open.” The girl glanced at my laptop “Sorry, am I interrupting something.”

I turned and paused the DVD right as the leader transitioned into downward facing dog. 

“I’m Katarzyna,” the girl said, offering me her hand.

“I’m Meili. That’s a gorgeous name, where are you from?” I asked, letting her hand drop.


“That’s so cool!” I said, turning to shut down my laptop. “I’m from Corsica, but my accent is a little mix of everything because I speak five different languages. I learned Mandarin from my parents and then Corsican and French, but then in school I learned Italian and English – I definitely use English the most now. I actually moved to France for a while, and that’s where I got scouted…” When I looked up Katarzyna was looking down at her fingernails, obviously uninterested in everything I was saying. “I’m sorry, did you want something?”

“Yeah,” she said “I needed lotion, but not a single girl on this floor seems to have any. I’m desperate.”

“I’ve got some.” I smiled, walking into the bathroom where I’d already laid out all of my toiletries. I grabbed my lotion and brought it back out, handing it over to her.

“Great.” Katarzyna sat down on the edge of my bed and squirted some of the silky lotion into her hands, before rubbing it down her legs. “They’re so dry,” she complained, massaging her skin.

“That’s the worst part about wearing short skirts. Or bathing suits,” I laughed. “You could always wear a maxi dress. I packed like three if you want to borrow one.”

“No that’s okay,” Katarzyna stood, tossing the lotion back to me. “Thanks anyway.”

“See you at the luau tonight?” I asked.

She nodded before ducking out of the door.

I paused for a second, then headed to the bathroom for a shower.


I pulled the bun on my head a bit tighter as I stepped outside where the luau was taking place. Going to a Victoria’s Secret event was always like stepping into a different world. A world where everyone was stunning. Sometimes it felt hard to keep up. Apparently I wasn’t moving fast enough because I was nearly pushed over as two girls came flying past me, one of them sloshing some of her drink onto my sandals. The other paused.

“Oh, sorry!”

I shook the alcohol droplets off of my foot. “It’s fine. They’re patent leather.”

“Safe choice,” the girl smiled, following the drink spiller with her eyes as she flitted around the party. “That’s Athena. I met her twenty minutes ago when we shared an elevator on the way down. I’m pretty sure she’s already drunk.” 

We both laughed. “I’m Meili.” 

“You do Pink stuff, right? I think I’ve seen you. I’m Naomi.”

“Yeah, tomorrow is my first swim shoot. Color me nervous.”

“Uh, I think we’re all dying a little. Don’t freak out though, most of us are rookies. At least they know you.”

“Yeah, they know I’m the cute one.”

“So, show them something different.” Naomi paused “Wait, I don’t want to be too forward.”

“No, you’re fine. And you’re right.”

“We should all try to forget about it.” Naomi wrapped her lips around the straw of her drink and turned to watch the party. “I’m going to go check on Athena. I barely know her but if she runs onto the beach and drowns I’ll feel responsible since I’m the one who suggested we take shots.”

I laughed. “Okay, good luck with that.”

“Nice meeting you.” Naomi squeezed the top part of my arm before turning to go. “See you bright and early tomorrow,” she called behind her.

I waved slightly then turned and walked over to the bar. 

“I’ll have a gin and juice –” I started to tell the bartender. “Scratch that, make it a diet coke.”
I turned to the girl on the barstool next to me. “I always forget the drinking age is so high here.”

“I won’t tell if you won’t,” she laughed, taking a sip of her cocktail. “I’m Charlotte,” she offered her hand.

“I’m Mei-”

“Meili,” she cut me off, shaking my hand. “I know. You’ve been around for a while. It’s cool to see you doing new things.”

“Cool is one word for it.” I lifted the diet coke from where the bartender has sat it in front of me, nervously swallowing a gulp. “Where are you from?”

“Delhi,” she answered.

“Wow, India, that’s really cool.”

“Yeah. Word is you’re pretty traveled yourself.”

“A little, yeah. But nowhere so exotic.”

“It’s not exotic if you grow up there,” Charlotte laughed.

“Very true.”

“Excited for tomorrow?” Charlotte raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah. And nervous.”

“Everyone is. Doesn’t it ever get easier?”

“I’ll let you know.” 

“Hey Charlotte!” a voice said, the figure of another girl suddenly appearing by us “Let’s dance!”

“Hey Jasmine, have you met Meili?”

“Pleasure.” Jasmine smiled. “You have to come dance with us too.”

“Yeah,” Charlotte said. “That’ll get our mind off the nerves.”

I shook my head, placing my glass to my lips. “I don’t dance.”

“Like he.ll you don’t!” Jasmine said. I nearly choked on my swallow of soda as Jasmine grabbed my hand and pulled me out onto the dance floor. But I decided to actually try to forget and enjoy myself, hula dancing with some new friends.
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