this is love, this is war, it's insanity

dementia // owl city ft. mark hoppus


wow, this is long overdue.
i'm so sorry i never update.
all my text sets must've been annoying. 
the twenty-fourth was my birthday.
i guess i forgot to tell you guys.

uhm, most boring birthday ever.
kids at my school kept stealing bites of my cake. -.-

uhm, today was horrible, too.
my crush keeps intimidating me, but she likes someone else. :(
we're kinda best friends, though.

enough about my boring shit.
i really have nothing to say except sorry for my lack of existence on this website.
with debates, field trips, tutoring, homework and chores i hardly have time to make a decent set.

uhm, i have an ear infection. it's minor but it itches a little.
so many projects i have to do.

erm, i'm listening to starry eyed by ellie goulding - the knocks blackout remix. xD
ellie's accent is so charming.
speaking of accents, we had international day at my school today.
so much red, white, blue yellow and green. -.-

and for once, i followed the crowd.
Gatorade is good. it makes me think of her. >,<

i like when people i know read this stuff, so uhm, i'm making a tag list.

[ if you don't want me to tag you, let me know, guise. ]


[ to the people at the bottom, i haven't talked to you in forever and that's why you're probably at the bottom. i went by the order i saw you in my mailbox. :( ]

my mother is getting on my nerves so much lately. and so are many other people, including my crush. even my closest friends. x(

but oh well.
i recommed you should listen to owl city [ a song other than fireflies ] if you already haven't. i know @shpgirl has. she's actually the one who got me intrigued. :D

i guess that's it for now.
fifty items...whoo!
oh, some last minute shit i literally just remembered. 
shopping on memorial day.
nails done on sunday. mani and pedi. if you're lucky you might get a picture.

oh, lastly, any ideas for videos i could do?
until the next set.
i'm on for a few.

love you all,


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