Ok, so how do I explain you that the first time i listened Standing Still I kinda wanted to throw myself from the balcony xD hahahah I was so disappointed! but not as the kind of disappoointment I had with Dora Dora -The God, the song is lame disappointment- but simply I was expecting something different and truthfully I watched the fancam of Show Championship the day before its release and sincerely the outfits were so ugly, way too ugly I'd say! my god whoever who gave them those ugly outfits deserves to be killed! though I adore that blue color, Kevin's Dongho's and Eli's outfits were so disgusting!!! ugh and AJ's and Dongho's hair ugh >-< The only decent outfits were Kiseop's and Hoon's though Hoon would look better without wearing that blazer xD hahaha! Thanks God their stylist were reasonable enough to give Dongho's hair a good styling and the guys a better wardrobe for MNET Countdown's performance which was simply perfect and ended by convincing me of the perfection of Standing Still, the song is quite good, It's not better than Stop Girl but it's definitely better than Doradora and that's a good thing xD. The MV is good too cause it showcases their amazingness, though it'd be better if it had a storyline and not just random shoots of a random ugly girl who looks like if she was possessed xD anyhow I still love Soohyun, Dongho's, Kevin's, Kiseop's and Hoon's solo scenes. I better don't say anything about Eli and AJ.... damn I think the reason why I'm so disappointed with this comeback is because I was expecting pure perfection from AJ, yet he's almost invisible to my eyes! his clothes are so generic and plain and boring, his hair is disgusting and he barely has protagonism, it doesn't help the fact Hoon's going around showing his noticeable improvement in dancing and bragging about the hours he has spent working out xD hahaha I accept it, I like Hoon *gulp* I can't believe i just said so xD well in general the outfit's thing played a big role in my deception. Thankfully they got nice white outfits for today's Music Bank! though AJ's outfit was so iugh... T_T hahah so definitely Kiseop and Hoon have got the best outfits! 

ok, now to the album!
Last year I was completely obsessed over pursuit of happiness so I loved like hands down the intro xD, I also found quite addictive Can't breathe, OMG! I just realized while writing this that it kinda has a similarity with Teen Top's I wanna love! that's why I like it xD but seriously the chorus is sooooo amazing!! and Aj's and Eli's song though it's absolutely lame *who the hell wrote the lyrics?!* *Refuses to believe it was probably AJ xD* the song is so stupid! like seriously! 
Eli: Where's my car?
AJ in the background and in English: MY CAR?! 
ROFL! even when it is that lame I still adore that song! *and it has nothing to do with the fact I love AJ's voice xD*
Missing you it's more like the kind of song I'd hear in a B1A4's album but I still like it, it showcases the voices of the members quite well *ok, probably just Hoon's Soohyun's and Kevin xD* but I like this song, I find no lameness in this one, *specially love the rap portion of this song*
Bad Person is so far one of the best songs of this album, but now that I think about it properly my biggest problem with this album is that most of the songs remind me to something I had already listened and in its majority the sounds are so similar to some songs in Spanish from some years ago, this one specifically reminds me to a song from a Spanish group called 'La Oreja de Van Gogh' 
Everyone agrees with the amazingness of Kevin's solo (only except that some random girl ruins it with an ugly rap xD) and Hoon and Soo's duet *those two complement each other perfectly xD*
Cause I love you... mmm I don't love that song, I don't hate it, I don't like it either... next!
Sweety girl, well I've read almost everywhere people saying that this song sounds like something 1D would do and my reaction was like whut--- O_o seriously... gosh... that song is 100000 times better than any 1D song... don't insult my guys talent please! 

so in general I like this song more than Doradora -the single- less than Stop Girl and though the album is quite nice I still prefer -Doradora the album- better! although my forever favorite will be Only One nearly followed by Bran New Kiss.... i know you guys hated it but what made me a fan of ukiss were their first songs so I kinda miss the 'noisy' ukiss who sang Brave sound, brave sound.... LOL I know Brave sound is not favorite producer in this site but definitely I love that man, he has produced my favorite songs from my favorite groups *include Teen Top and Sistar here, please...

oh gosh I'm lazy to review what I just wrote, i'm sure it's totally inappropriate and messy and confusing xD sorry for the possible mistakes but I'm not in such a great mood.. *it shows with the awful set xD*
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