spiders // nina nesbitt

lalalal i know a lot of the clothes don't match but dang it's hard to find good matches okay

i love the hipster-y rose and jade uvu they're so adorbubble. 

so how have you all been hm

i got the majority of my christmas presents all done wheee

i just need to find something for my 9 year old sister. Also my mother. hm. 

i might make her a gingerbread house ornament thing
(mom i do hope you don't find this post)

welp my week has been filled with illness and tv shows. all my siblings and i have whooping cough, and the 3 year old and i have tonsillitis. so fun woo

but that means i can kinda lazily wander around the house all day and watch psych and supernatural (weird transitioning between the two, really.) 

also i've been reading levianthan, by scott westerfield. it's pretty good so far. 

oh and i may be quite absent for the holidays, starting next week. we have christmas plans and i may not have internet for a while c:

 okay enough of my useless rambling. have a happy holidays~


#homestuck #roselalonde #JadeHarley 


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