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Ok... so probably most of you guys already started school... or will start in some days... so this tip is going to help you to keep your backpack organized and clean with some easy steps.

Let's start....


O1. Buy an accordion file plastic folder like these:
And put inside all the papers you need for your school... homework, information, etc.

O2. Put all your textbooks on the back part of your backpack... this will keep your backpack more stable.

O3. Put the accordion file, your notebooks and binders next to your textbooks.

O4. Take your essential thing in your makeup bag: lip stick, shine eraser sheets.. to absorb any oil or shine of your face, tampon/pad, take little container with hand moisturizer and face moisturizer, travel size perfume, tweezers, etc. Put your makeup bag in one side of your backpack.

O5. Put your pencils, color pencils, pen, glue, clips, scissors and everything in your pencil case. Everytime you use something put it again inside.. because you don't want to have all your color pencils scattered in your backpack.

O6. Put your wallet, cell phone and keys on a secure pocket of your backpack or keep them with you in you own pockets.

O7. Just keep with you the things you really need and leave in your locker or in your house the things you're not going to need.

O8. Put everything in the proper place ALWAYS!!


O1. Don't put food in your backpack... it can totally mess up your supplies or your backpack... try to keep with you another little bag or anything to put your lunch and snacks .

O2. Don't put trash in your backpack... you can forget that you putted there and your backpack will be a total mess.

O3. If you don't have a dump near... then keep with you a little bag to put the trash.

O4. Always keep your backpack organized this will help you to keep it clean. :)

O5. Clean your backpack at least one time per week... this will make the process easier.

O6. If your backpack is really dirty... you can wash it once a month or every 3 months.

O7. Spray on your backpack a little bit of perfume or scented air freshener.

O8. & That's it!! :)

Hope it helps you!!!
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Wrote 4 years ago
@the-hunger-game-addict yeah... I love that picture!! :) thank you so much and I'm really glad it helps you :)



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