Hi Girlies!

Now if your like me- acne can be one of the hardest things to get rid of- not to mention the constant struggle to keep your skin healthy! These are some easy ways to help your skin clear up!


Drink lots of water- this keeps your skin from drying out. Moisturizing helps a lot as well.


Use a skin cleanser daily/ twice daily- the best ones have Salicylic Acid in them- which helps to get rid of zits. 


Now- you may not realize it, but the way you sleep can impact your... face... a lot. Change your pillow case every night, the germs can build up if you don't and cause you to breakout. Sleep a lot- if you don't, you can get stressed and stress causes pimples!


Try to use it sparingly. IF you wear foundation or powder- it can clog your pores. If you insist on wearing it- remove it at night. ALWAYS remove your makeup at night- even if you don't breakout, because forgetting to do that can cause you to get acne.


Another thing i bet you didn't know affected your face! IF you have bangs, try to pin them up because the natural oils can affect your skin. Avoid gels, fragrances, and harsh shampoos/conditioners. These can irritate your skin and cause you to breakout.


DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. Thats it! The germs you transfer to your face cause acne!!! 

Okay guys- i hope this helped! Good luck girls!

Kisses~ Moe ( @moe-the-human )
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