Andrew took me out for a romantic dinner at this super nice new restaurant called La Hetut. Odd name huh?! Then we headed over to Arden, Bailey, and Jackie's place for the kegger. I felt kinda bad because we were WAY over dressed (because of dinner) but the girls were sweet and laughed it off. Then I got a skirt and tee shirt from Jackie so that I could actually move. I swear that was the drunkest I have ever been in my life, well other than that time in high school but we dont talk about that haha. I brought a bunch of vodka 'cause you know thats like I drink (well and rum) and my camera. I really wish I wouldn't have brought the camera though, now we have proof of my drunken craziness. Haha. So me and Andrew some how managed to get back to his place and I "slept" over. Not that we slept at all but whatever. :D Well see you girls soon,
♥ Carly
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