Character Name; Kelsey Rose Donahue.
Age; Sixteen.
GPA; 3.7.
Nationality; French and American.
Looks; Kendall Jenner // ___.
Personality; Kelsey is a very fragile person; she's very friendly and caring, and also loyal, but she can break into tears easily. She can also be very bxxtchy when she needs to be. She has her friends' back and always has a shoulder to cry on... but sometimes she feels like she has nobody. Kelsey is also a trendsetter, she is very fashion forward, and slightly preppy.
Talent(Optional); Modelling.
Short Bio; Born and bred in New York City, Kelsey is the daughter of two very rich, successful people. Her father owns 'The Drake', a very famous 5-star hotel in the upper east side. Kelsey was raised in that hotel, and she even calls the staff her family. Kelsey dreams of being as powerful and successful as her parents. Kelsey is also a working model, she has done editorials and modeled for Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle, Chanel, Prada and Dolce&Gabanna. Heck, she even modeled at NYC fashion week. Kelsey moved on her own to Miami, to get away from all the Upper East Side drama and secrets... but boy did she pick a bad place to stay drama-free.
Secret; She got into an abusive relationship with Damon Van der Bilt, son of a Belgium ambassador. He got her into drug-dealing and they also killed a man by accident.
Phone(s); iPhone 5.
Car(s); She gets driven by a limo.

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