Name: Kelsey Abrams
likes: Purple, Lovestruck by VeraWang, Jeans, her Dad, solving crimes 
Dislikes: People who overly try to fit in, Science, flip flops, People who ran her father out of office, People who try to act like Trinity isn't gone 
Bio Kelsey is like a rose. She can be sweet and beautiful but also she can be prickly and cut you if you arent careful. Her bestfriend Trinity Burrows was mudered this past January. Her father the sheriff was run out of office because he accused Mr Burrows. Kelsey's mother left and on top of everything now at school she is the outsider. Her ex boyfriend Cooper and even her bestfriends ex Grant wont speak to her. Will she solve the crime and gain some kind of life back
based on: Veronica from Veronica Mars 
Model:Brittany Snow

"What did you say?" I asked looking at my father in disbelief. I had to have misheard him. 
"One of my deputees just found Trinity's body buried on the Burrow's estate, sweetie." 
"No, that cant be but..." I didn't have words to say. I had heard my father talk about his cases for years but this was different. Trinity Burrows was my best friend. I was dating her brother. WE had all grown up together. Now she was dead. 

I was taken back to today with the sound of my locker slamming inches from my face. I turned around to see none other than Grant Davis laughing as he continued down the hallway. Typical. 
Ever since my dad had accused the Burrows of murdering their own daughter no one treated me the same. NOt that I was extremely concerned with the thoughts of my fellow high school students but it was a little ridiculous. NOt even Cooper would speak to me. He had a thing with Isadora now anyway but it was still annoying its not like I had done anything. 
And in my dad's defence Trin was found on the Burrows estate and not many people had access to the plot of land where she had been found. Well it didn't really matter what my dad said anyway the Burrows had made sure that he had been run out of office but that didn't stop him from investigating on the Trinity case. He opened his own Detective Agency which I help him run. 
I had been kind of a reck since Trinty was found about 6 months ago. No one would talk to me and it wasn't like i had a big pot of friends I could choose from. 
I just wanted to find out who killed her. I knew I wouldn't be normal until that happened. That's why even though I know my dad has a file on her murder I have my own file and I will stop at nothing to find who killed her and watch them suffer. 

(Sorry that kinda sucked!) 

1) I am fit to be in this roleplay because I religiously watched Veronica Mars and now watch Gossip Girl and I think I will know whats going on and how to roelplay that. Also I havent done an rp in a while :)
2) i can bring my knowledge of these plots and my skills in developing a character over time 
3) I will try as hard as I can to create the minimum number of sets per week if I have another thing to do that hinders me from this I will PM one of the mods. 

~3 Choices~
1. Kelsey Abrams 
2. Poppy Montgomery 
3. Isadora Romana
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