I loving these colorful & attracting stuffs, you can't walk with these and dont get the atention of those around you!

May has began a bit cloudy and rainy here, and sweaters are in but it isnt very cold so to dont get blow out, I'll be wearing sweaters with skirts ♥

I'm reading this book "this is how I lose her" by Juno Diaz which I found very Anti-gravity cus I cant take down haha!

I cant give you the final review because I havent finished yet but once I do it, I will...... Until now my favorite quote is : “A person doesn't mourn forever.” what it's really true.

When something you dont want it happen to you, you got hurt and maybe you cry, however that pain doesnt last forever. What I am doing now it's taking this quote for me and dont let any bad feeling interrupt my goals.... 

Cry alound, frown, yell or run around But Keep on going.

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