Where was that other shoe?!
I crawled half under my bed and pushed aside a box and reached farther past it. I felt a smooth- but slightly dusty- surface. I caught ahold on it and pulled it out. It was quite heavy!
I slid myself out, pulling along the object.
I sat on my carpeted floor and sat the box on my lap.
I blew off the dust and looked at it. And suddenly I remembered it!


“Niall! Look what I found!” I called, running to my best friend, Niall Horan. 
He looked up from his guitar, his newly bleached hair shone in the sun. I was not yet used to it, he’d turned his hair blonde just the other day. It suited him; I just wasn’t used to it!
“Look at this Niall!” I said once I’d gotten to his side, holding up the box to show him. It was really pretty in my opinion, with a green outer shell that was swirled with different shades of green; there was a silver lock on it and it came with a key.
“That’s cool, Bridget! What are you gonna do with it?” Niall asked opening it and looking at the black felt interior.
“I was thinking we could put, like, our memories in it! If something is really cool, we can put it in here! You get to keep the key, and I keep the box!” I reply, smiling at my brilliant idea!
“That would be //so// cool, Bridge!” Niall said throwing an arm around my shoulders and hugging me.

End of flashback

Over the course of the next four years, Niall and I put things, from rocks to letters to Niall’s favorite guitar pick, into that box.
Not long after, his parents decided he should go to an, all boy’s school. Before he left, he promised to call when he had a chance, and to //never// lose the key to our memory box, which we’d put on a silver chain.

The first week was torture! I spent every waking minute I could spare by the phone. My heart leapt every time the phone rang, only to be disappointed. 
After week two I finally got an e-mail from Niall. Apologizing that he didn’t call, he wrote that he’d e-mail me more often. 
On the vacations when he could come home was a lot of fun! We’d go to the beach and swim or just hang out in either of our back yards.
When he left for the X-factor we tried to stay in touch, but it didn’t work out.
He was famous now. I wondered if he thought of me at all. I doubt it.
I stood, keeping a hold on the box, and walked over to my computer. I powered it up and Googled ‘Niall Horan’.
Hundreds of hits popped up. I went to images.
There was my Nialler. But older.
There was a resent picture of him, he still had his blonde hair and his beautiful blue eyes, and around his neck, a familiar silver chain.
My heart beat quickened as I pulled up my Twitter and went to @NiallOfficial Twitter page and sent him a message.
‘Hey Nialler! It’s Bridget, you know, your . . . . Um, best friend from when we were kids. I just found our memory box today, and I wondered if you still had the key?
Um . . . . If you don’t want to answer I understand.
 Love, Bridget’

I closed the computer and left the box on the desk and found a different pair of shoes. I had to go to the store and get some stuff for dinner.

I picked up the two paper bags and carried them into the house and put them onto the counter.
The doorbell rang as I finished cleaning out the bags. I padded over the wooden floors to the door and swung it open.
The person behind it surprised me!
Niall Horan!
My jaw dropped and I dove into his arms, giving him a huge hug.
He released me and held me at arm’s length.
“Bridget, you look beautiful! Your hair! You bleached it too! It looks awesome! I’ve missed you!” Niall said, hugging me again.
“Come on in Nialler! I started some tea!” I said letting him in and led him to the kitchen.
“I thought you were on tour! How did you know where I lived? Did you get my message?” I had a load of questions, but those were the few I put out there.
“Tour is done for now, thankfully. It was a long time! Yeah, I got your message, that’s why I came! I went to your mums and she gave me the address!” He answered “So you found the box?”
“Yeah! Do you have the key?!” 
He reached in the neckline of his shirt and pulled out the silver skeleton key. “I’ve never taken it off!” He said, reaching behind his neck to unlatch the necklace.
“I’ll be right back!”
I dashed into my room and picked up the box.
I ran back into the kitchen.

Niall inserted the key and turned the lock; we opened the chest and looked inside.

 As we went through the memories, trying to remember things, we laughed about the most silly things that we thought were special. 

Niall and I spent more time together over the next few years. Then we became an official couple, the band was going strong for quite a few years. Not long after, Niall proposed, and I said yes, of course!
We had a load of kids, who each got a memory box just like us.
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