"Bye mom." Jasmin called, Andrew just slammed the door and disapeared on the green with the other students. 
 "Hey Wait A Minute!" She slowly turned and walked back looking confused.
 "Yeah...?" Her head tilted.
 "Have a good day." I leaned over and gave her a smooch on the cheek.
 "Thanks, love you mom." Jasmin walked down the sidewalk and strait inside the building, unlike her brother who was now shoving his tongue down a girl's throat. A girl I had never met before... Interesting... He was interupted by Spencer, one of Andrews good friends, who pulled Andrews pants down revealing his checkered boxers. My son turned around, red as and apple. He burst into laughter and pulled them back up. Spencer bolted away and Andrew chased after him.
 HONNNKK!!! I snapped back and looked in my mear. An angry mother was honking at me. I drove off amazed in what I had just seen.

"Maria could you please go get the children and tell them dinner is ready." Our maid nodded and headed upstairs.
 "So Andrew I saw somthing interesting today." I said then taking a bight of steak.
 "Really what?" he didn't sound like he cared.
 "Well when I dropped you off this morning you met a girl..?" I flopped my hair over my shoulder and cleared my throat. My son just looked at me confused. 
 "Who...?" He honestly did look as if he didn't know.
 "Reddish-blonde hair, petite, um I think she had a blue skirt on."
 "Oooh Belindaaaa..." Jasmin sung.
 "Belinda? Belinda who? What's her last name? How come I haven't met her? Is she your girlfriend? You should invite her over for dinner."
 Andrew gave Jasmin a death glare and then turned to me. "Her name is Belinda Grace. And I am not inviting her over for dinner." Belinda Grace. Sounds Familiar..hmmm
 "Why don't you want her to come over?"
 "I just dont." he shrugged.
 "Well if your in a relationship with this girl it's only normal that she comes over for dinner to meet the family."
 "It's not that seriouse mom."
 "Well this morning your mouth was on hers, is that not seriouse?" He looked a tad bit awkward sitting in his chair, mixing his vegatables.
 "No mom it's not."
 I looked at Jasmin and my husband. Were they as confused as me?
 "You think shoving your tongue in some girls mouth isn't seriouse?" He flinched but didn't say anything.
 "It' called hooking up mom." Jasmin piped in.
 "Hooking up?" James asked.
 "Yeah, when i guy and a girl like eachother they just makeout and stuff, but nothing seriouse. Not dateing, just hooking up."
 "But Why?" I asked
 "yes, why?" James echoed.
 "Okay, do you know what friends with benefits means?" Jasmin asked.
 I recalled seeing it on a talk show or two. "Friends that are romantic but not going steady right."My daughter chuckeled. "What?" I asked.
 "Going steady!" she kept laughing, "It's just knowbody says that anymore.. but yeah that's what it means and that's kind of what Belinda is like with him."
 I looked at my son disapointed. It seemed tacky to me but i guess that's what the kids are doing these days. "Can I be excused?" Andrew asked already getting out of his chair.
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is it tonight or was it yesterday?

Wrote 7 years ago
love this! you coming to my dinner tonight!


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