Kikkerland Psycho Shower Curtain, 72'' by 72''
  • Kikkerland Design 'Jaws' EVA Shower Curtain
    If you like a hit of adrenaline with your daily shower, this is the shower curtain for you! A menacing great white swings around for a bite on a frosted shower curtain that'll have you humming "Dah-dum…dah-dum…" all day long. 72" square. Mildew-resistant. Hand wash, air dry. Frosted EVA plastic. By Kikkerland Design; imported.
  • Kikkerland Design 'Psycho' Shower Curtain
    Does your daily shower seem a little ho-hum? Get your heart racing with this decidedly macabre shower curtain inspired by the movie Psycho. Mother would approve. 72" square. Mildew-resistant. Hand wash, air dry. Frosted EVA plastic. By Kikkerland Design; imported.
  • Kikkerland Design 'Police Line' Shower Curtain Yellow And White One Size
    Whether your shower is sparkling clean or a somewhat grisly scene, this mildew-resistant shower curtain will keep bystanders-and water-at bay. Color(s): yellow and white. Brand: KIKKERLAND DESIGN. Style Name: Kikkerland Design 'Police Line' Shower Curtain. Style Number: 461704.
  • Beyond the Grove Shower Curtain
    As you enter your bathroom each morning, your toes sink into your fluffy rug like soft grass, and this birch tree shower curtain greets you with arboreal glory. You push this fabric curtain by Kikkerland aside, stepping beyond its thicket print to find your own personal waterfall inviting you to freshen up for the day ahead!
  • Kikkerland Vintage Map Shower Curtain
    Cartographers young and old will rejoice in the detail of this beautifully printed shower curtain featuring a vintage style map of North America. Dimensions: 72" x 72" Material: EVA. Easy to clean.
  • Pros and Continental Shower Curtain
    Consider sights and loved ones to visit as you planning your journey behind this marvelous map-printed shower curtain! Boasting a classic map of North America in sea blue and bright white, this atlas-inspired accessory by Kikkerland beckons any adventurous guest to scout tomorrows excursion as they scrub away the days travels. Framed by zigzag trim and finished with silver grommets, this eye-opening design is a landmark addition to your bathroom decor!
  • Kikkerland The Gentleman's Shower Curtain, 72" x 72"
    The Gentleman's Shower Curtain, 72" x 72" Shower curtain features 35 different beard, side-burn and mustache styles. Inspire your style. Made of frosted eva. PVC Free material. Measures 72 by 72 inches.
  • Kikkerland Jaws Shower Curtain, 72'' by 72''
    Kikkerland Jaws Shower Curtain, 72'' by 72'' Sky blue waves with shark graphic. Fun design by Jan Habraken. Made of frosted EVA. PVC Free. Measures 72 by 72 inches.
  • Singin' In The Shower Curtain
    Not many people have ""genes"" that prompt them to sing in the rain, but plenty people sing in the shower. I have to admit, I'm not one who often breaks out into song while bathing, but once I get this shower curtain rigged up in my new apartment's bathroom, I think that will change. Why? Because this shower curtain by Kikkerland fills me with a glorious feeling! It's whimsical, it's fun, it's slightly surreal. From beneath the hundreds of cyan drops splashed across this curtain, the silhouette of a hat-wearing gentleman swings out from the pivot of a lamppost, umbrella in hand. Under the shelter of his umbrella, the shower curtain remains rain drop-free and clear as crystal. In that spot in my heart reserved for bathroom decor, this item reigns supreme. - Hannah, Fashion Writer
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  • Jaw Dropping Shower Curtain
    You won't have to go fishing for compliments on your decor when you've got this frighteningly fabulous shower curtain making a splash in your bathroom! This cool curtain will make your bathroom awash with oceans of chicness, thanks to its blue wave pattern, 'shark-tastic' silhouette, and included grommets to attach shower rings. Complete your own seaside shower theme, or give this to your Jaws-fanatic friend. Whatever bathtub it adorns, this shower curtain fromKikkerland is sure to provide a big bite of fun style!