hey,darlings!!so i got rabbits,both of them are male,and their names are kiko and Alfie, i actually do not know who is who right now,they are a like a month old,and omg,they are so cute!!we taught today how get out their cage,we kept books,place them like a ladder,a bunch of books, then another step of less bunch of book,like that,and we lured them outside with cucumber,they go nuts when they smell cucumber!!so yea,and omg,they looked so adorable,when they are climbing down,they ate cucumber then climbed back and jumped back into their cage,they are so small right are afraid to jump just like that out of the cage!but it was so fun!!i also went shopping today,my cousin's weeding is coming up so i needed new dresses for that,also i wanted to ask,what is like the best kohl/kajal ,i got allergy from what i used so im looking for a new one ?

song- Burn it Down//Linkin Park
also,i hope you like this set!!
love cassie
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