lets seeee
whats happened since i've last made a set...

well its spring break
finally getting to relax a little bit
this practice every day thing is definitely killing me a lil bit though
havent really done too much 
we went on an excursion to target and i stopped on the way home to get new nose studs yayy
i had work for like a super long time yesterday
but i think she gave me extra money because i told her about how he cried for like a half hour after he woke up from his nap
then went thrifting and to a diner with my friends yesterday
got a really cute red velvet skirt
a jean jacket/hoodie
and a long open cream knit sweater

went to this cool free concert sunday night
these people from iceland were playing
soley is like my new favorite singer
shes so chillll i just want to be her already

im so surprised i lasted three days before getting fed up with my duet partner
i thought after like 2 days straight with her i would for sure 
well nevermind im fed up with her now
shes on the phone right now
"mom im going to die when i go to university summer program. i know no french."
and shes been complaining a lot about how shes in debt 500 dollars to her mom because her mom bought her an ipad
but she cant work because shes "not american"
shes an international student here since she was born in canada or something weird
ughhh -____-
she has like major first world problems

shake shack in boston opens wednesday asdaksjhclkjach

too bad i wont be here
im going like the second i get back but actually

cant wait for this weekend 
we're going to a frat probably and i havent been to one yet because theyre always overrun with biddies but since its spring break it might actually be a good party for once
and we need to smoke hookah and go to the gay club this weekend because i havent done either of those yet and this is the primeee weekend to do so

whyyy is cali going to be so colddd the week im there

boston has finally started to warm up
yayay spring
its just rainy all the time
i need new rain boots
mine have hole in them like badd
but i cant get them
because i cant get into my dorm until after spring break

okay so im really worried
i need a 3.7 to bring my gpa up to a 3 so i can keep my scholarship
otherwise i need to pay 10000 extra a year
i dont think i can afford that
loans and stuff..
but thats too much of a financial burden
ill probably have to transfer :/
or ill have to take time off and work
im not happy thinking about this ugh
i like basically already have my next 3 years here planned out
its depressing

well like my best friend from hs also is near boston and hes transferring so it will be not as fun being here without him
hes going to europe

brb while i figure out my life
peace pvore
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