Name: Percy Jackson

Nicknames: Perc, seaweed brain ;)

Age: 19

Creature: Demigod; son of Poseidon

Personality: Percy is very observant. He was like that, ever since he was a kid, and it's stuck with him easily enough. This means, he's quiet and collected and to others he would seem shy, but when in truth he's just trying to get a read on you. Percy is also a natural-born leader, which is why when Percy turned old enough to make the decision to stay at camp or take his chances out in the world, he remained to help look after the camp and to become one of the camp leaders. He can still very much act childish and even foolish at times. For instance, his mouth is sometimes a problem as when he gets angry he tends to snap out snarky comments, things that could get him into trouble, but he can usually take care of himself. He's also very kind as he can almost relate to any sort of situation a boy or girl might be experiencing when first joining camp half blood: the fears, the sorrows, the dangers, all of it. Percy is also very brave and will do anything to keep loved ones out of harms way, even if it means certain death. He would never go down without a damn good fight, which is also one of Percy's fatal flaws, for he tends to trust people too easily, and at some point he may find himself defending the person that will only end up stabbing him in the back. 

Likes: Water, swimming, nature, fighting, Riptide, isolation, strategizing, conversation, practicing his abilities and kicking Clarisse's butt at capture the flag

Dislikes: reading, socializing, cold places, sleeping, large crowds, big monsters that pop up out of nowhere and try to kill him (as this seems to be a reoccurring habit lately)

Bio: Percy has been at camp half blood ever since he was twelve. It's been quite a long journey and sometimes he can't believe how much he's been through in those few short years. So many quests and adventures. He's made friends and lost them, been to faraway lands that if he sat down and told you about them you probably wouldn't believe him, and he's fought so many monsters he can't keep track of them anymore. Yes, it's definitely been interesting at camp. But anyhow, he now is a camp leader and has overseen to be Chiron's right hand man. Some people weren't exactly the happiest about this, because they thought it unfair. People have been there longer than Percy and just because Percy was a child of one of the big three they didn't like the thought of him getting special treatment. However, Percy tried to prove how he was right for the job by protecting the camp, taking over activities of the camp, doing whatever he could. However favor for him as a leader went down once more when he agreed for another group of demigods (roman) to take shelter at the camp. He wasn't particularly fond of the idea because of their violent and rash nature (it would basically just be more Clarisses running all over the place which made the idea even less enticing) however, because they were in a time of need, Percy agreed. Jason, one of the leaders of the roman camp, was most indefinitely someone Percy could not get along with. They butt heads immediately, probably because of how mule-headed the both of them were and how they both thought they were right about everything they said, but in any case, Percy just had to stay away from him. And from here things only go downhill. A few days later the camp was attacked. And Percy wasn't able to stop it. In fact, he wasn't able to stop it from kidnapping a couple campers either. And at this point Percy couldn't have felt any worse. Beat up from the inside out and bleeding, Percy ran after the monster, but was unfortunately, unable to recover the lost children. He wouldn't even be able to tell you how much the campers hated him after he had let them down, allowing their sense of protection and security disappear. It was an awful feeling. Percy hasn't even really smiled sense the incident. He just stays cooped up in his cabin, examining maps and anything that would tip him off to where the children could have been taken. Chiron has taken more of a hold on the camp once more, almost as if percy had stepped down. You can always find Percy either in his cabin or somewhere near the water as it is there his head is the clearest, where he can think and relax and maybe pretend that everything was okay in his life at the moment. It is also here that he will practice his abilities, a place where it is isolated so he won't be bothered, but also so he won't hurt anyone. He hurt enough people and he will have no more of it. It seems his whole life all he's wanted to do was protect the people that couldn't protect themselves, the innocent, but it always seemed to backfire on him. Somehow, someone always ends up getting hurt.

Abilities: Percy is fortunate enough to have acquired powers from his father Poseidon, meaning he can manipulate water. The more he practices the more he's been able to become more powerful at wielding it. By water he can rapid heal as well as heal others. He can breath beneath the water. He can also talk to Pegasis since his father created them. It's not his favorite power, as they almost always had an attitude that even Percy couldn't deal with, but there was one in particular, a black Pegasis named Blackjack that had taken a liking to Percy and almost whenever he needs him, all Percy has to do is give a little whistle and Blackjack won't let him down. 

Allies: Grover Underwood, Chiron, Hilly Hindi, Tyson, Thalia, Nico, many more (or he'd like to think so).

Enemies: Kronos, titans, Hades, Ares, Luke, Clarisse, and he doesn't know what to think about Jason yet. So right now he's going to stay on the list of people he's supposed to watch out for. 

**His biggest fear is becoming something that he hates the most, which would be a bully or a coward or anything of the sort. It would go against everything he's grown up for. It only ever happens in his nightmares, and he's afraid that one night he'll wake up and find them to be true. 

Model: Logan Lerman

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