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Grace Milton; September
Collab with @kkerry from about a week ago. My bad for taking so long.

“Not that I’m complaining about an excuse to shop,” Clover said conversationally as we made our way to the shopping mall, “But didn’t you just get a box of free clothes from Fashion Week or something?”

“Oh my gosh.” I groaned with a sigh, “You’re all a bunch of terrible, terrible gossips.”

“So is that a no?” She asked, lips quirked in a tiny smirk.

“It’s a grossly over exaggerated story.” I sniffed as we entered the air-conditioning of the mall finally, “I got some clothes sent from my sister. As a present. And there was like three pieces from fashion week.”

“Oh, that makes all the difference then.” She nodded, “So why do we need to shop.”

“You can never have to much shopping?” I tired with a question, spinning around in a circle even though yes you could have to much shopping.

“Yes. We’ve all noticed how much you love shopping.” She said dryly.

“Well I’m not going to wear a thousand dollar shirt to class am I?” I finally relented, explaining with a small smile, “So I need new clothes I’m not terrified I will ruin. Or worse.” I lowered my voice to a conspiratorial whisper, “Style in a terrible way.”

"Just don't expect to use my closet once yours is all full." She joked in a warning tone as we wandered round. Please everyone’s closets were basically mine anyway. Sharing clothes was caring right? I was so right.

“Oh no, never that." I deadpanned, rolling my eyes for emphasis "I know that's where you keep your sex toys for River, anyway." I added with a wink as I pulled her into the nearest clothing store. She started to blush which was exactly the reaction I was looking for. Between her and Ally it was endlessly amusing to embarrass them.

"I do not!" She cried loudly in embarrassment, drawing nearby eyes in our direction, I tried not to laugh but she just blushed deeper looking more and more embarrassed”"Sorry." She muttered

I couldn’t contain my giggles after that "I know.” I managed to choke out “I just wanted to see you blush." I stuck my tongue out at her, embracing my childish instincts, 

"How would you even know something like that?" She asked, I opened my mouth to respond when she cut me off "Wait never mind. I don't want to know the answer to that." Before turning her attention to the shirt rack in front of me to distract herself.

"I know everything, Clo." I replied before returning my attention to the task at hand. "What do you think about this shirt?" I asked, pulling a cute shirt off the rack with a flourish.

"I like it." She nodded

 "Good." I smiled like the cat that ate the canary "Because you're getting it." I told her cheekily thrusting it into her hands and forcing her to take it.

She looked down at it with an adorably confused frown "What? I thought you wanted it?" She questioned curiously.

"Nope." I aid popping the p. "I can just borrow it from you." I added with a shrug, wandering into another section of the store. I did like it, but not enough I wanted to spend some of my hard earned money on it. Plus I think it’d look amazing on her with her hair

“What if I won’t lend it to you?” She questioned following after me. I high doubted that but I answered her anyway

“Then I’ll buy one for myself.” I lied with a shrug, pulling another shirt off the hanger and surveying it, “But I think it will look better on you than me.” I told her honestly.

“Oh, thank then?” she almost asked, as if not sure how to respond to that.

“This one however,” I said admiring the shirt in my hands, “will look better on me that you.” I looked over to see if she’d taken offence at that adding a “No offence.” For good measures.

“None taken.” She laughed as we wandered between the racks, picking up things that caught our eye and putting majority of them back.

“So you know how I’m the perpetually alone member of the house who lives vicariously through everyone else’s love life,” I said nonchalantly when were in our third store of the day.

“I think I may have noticed.” She laughed, “I think everyone may have noticed you playing matchmaker.”

“What can I say, it’s a talent.” I stuck my tongue out at her picking up a cute pair of shorts. They were cheap and cute but I had a similar pair back in my room.

“So what of it?” She asked with a small smile.

“Hows your relationship going?” I asked curiously, deciding you could never have to many pairs of cute shorts and tucking them under my arm.

“Grace did you invite me shopping just to interrogate me on my love life?”

“No of course not.” I shook my head passionately. I hadn’t, I just wanted to hear about it. I liked it when my friends were happy and relationships and boys seemed to make most of them happy, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” I added earnestly, “You can change to subject completely if you desire!”

 "It's fine." She laughed and I relaxed because I really was freaking curious. "Things are going good. Perfect in fact." She added with that smile all the girls got about when they talked about their guys. Seriously every single one of them, whether it was official or not. " We haven't hit that spot in our relationship where we're sick and tired of each other." 

"I don't think the two of you could ever get tired of each other." I told her with a warm reassuring smile. They were really just super cute "By the way the two of you are all over each other i think it will be very long before you get tired of each other." I had to grin as I added

"We are not." She said dryly. Which was complete and utter bullshit and she knew it.

"Sure." I said completely and utterly unconvinced, trying to decide which incident I could bring up to prove her wrong "That's why Liam practically ran crying from your room that one time." I tried not to burst into hysterical laughter because I knew I would never stopped. 

"He should of knocked." She shrugged, grinning thinking about the memory.

"What about you?" She asked curiously, not even bothering to hide it as most of the others did, as I continued to browse the racks

"What about me?" I asked, faux cluelessly

 "Boys. Anyone you have in mind?" She asked as she continued to look through the clothes as well.

"Nope." I shook my head at her, glaring slightly because none of these love sick girls could even consider being single. Their loss

"What about Thomas or Karl?" She asked, as we decided basically at the same time we were done in here and headed towards the counter. Seriously we already had the cliche ‘in love with my best friend’ thing going over in the house. Twice even.

 "Oh that's a good one Clover." I laughed loud and obnoxiously in her face.

 "What's so funny about it?” She said seemingly curious. I wasn’t sure if she was pulling my leg or not.

 "Thomas is my best friend and Karl is," I pursed my lips trying to decide how to describe Karl, if he really was my friend. Whatever I didn’t need to define just explain to Clover "he's a dick but he's still a friend." I said, causing the old doll at the counter’s eyes to widen before she shot me a disapproving look. I’d barely even sworn though so I didn’t know what her issue was

"Friends can make the best boyfriends." 

 "You're really funny." I told her dryly. My life was enough of a walking cliche as it was and I knew to much about Thomas to want to date him.

 "I consider it a talent." She joked as we headed towards the exit. She so wasn’t

"Don't even think about playing matchmaker." I added warningly. I wasn’t totally sure if she was going to but it didn’t hurt to nip the idea in the bud. "That's my job." 

"The thought never even occurred to me." She said and I could see in her face it was a lie. She’d so thought about it before.

“Well good.” I nodded sternly, hand on hip, “I would hate to think you were stealing my official title or something.” I narrowed my eyes playfully at her.

“Oh no never.” She shook her head, looking like she was trying to refrain from laughing - who could blame her I was pretty freaking hilarious, let’s be honest.

“I’m watching you missy.” I wagged my fingers at her, still glaring at her, “just remember that.”

“I’m so terrified I’ll always remember.” She nodded, widening her eyes though the dryness of her voice ruined it.

“Good, then we have no issue.” I laughed brightly, throwing the arm that wasn’t holding all my shopping bags over her shoulder, “So food?” I asked, completely changing the subject.

“Sorry what?” she asked.

“Do you want something to eat. I’m starving.” I told her eyes rolling for effect, “Keep up.”


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Lovely easy look! Great pictures :)

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I loved this ♥ and this set is way too adorable and omg Holland's eyes in that picture are insanely beautiful!

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Loved this like i love all of your stories so i am going to say stuff about the set now -
I really like this set ,I kinda want that shirt and the accessories. The pictures you have chosen are really pretty and i am jealous of lizzie olsen style and want to raid her wardrobe :)

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