Lucille's POV
6 months ago;

"Britney, thank-you for the invite" I thanked the tall, gorgeous blonde who was surrounded by flocks of people. I was almost tempted to elbow a couple of people to reach her but Britney eased her way past with grace, her effortless smile welcoming me. "I'm glad you could make it" she embraced me in a quick hug before releasing me, looking my outfit up and down.

"You look perfect" I spoke before she could say anything, her mouth had opened but no words came out; I felt instantly rude for interrupting her. "I was scared to hug you, I could have broken you" I joked, letting out a small laugh.

Britney laughed also, shaking her head, causing her blonde locks to brush against her shoulders. "You flatter me too much, Lucille" she spoke, blushing slightly. 

"Call me Lucy" I replied, I had told her this for months now but she continued to keep the professional relationship between us. I'd like to become friends with her; perhaps, go to lunch or get a coffee.

Who knew if that were to ever happen?

She was a busy lady like myself, there was never a spare moment nor time for yourself. Though I never failed to make time for my lovely siblings and step-children. I knew I had made the wrong choice by letting Jason look after the others; I predicted he would be drinking all of the expensive champagne.

"Call me Brit" Britney replied, smiling before having to excuse herself. At least she excused herself politely unlike other people who I've met in the past who simply walk off. 

Only leaving a trail of awe behind them.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" I asked my brother, Robert, who held a glass a champagne out toward me. I took it and kissing him on the cheek, the advantages of wearing high heels made me almost his height.

He was tall, broad shoulders and built like a machine.

"There are so many good looking women here" he spoke, blankly looking around the room until I nudged him hard in the ribs. "Keep it in your pants" I hissed, pausing, "did you never watch Mean Girls? You'll get pregnant and die."

"I'm a boy" Rob replied quickly.

"Sometimes I question that" I spoke, grinning wide and noticing a blonde woman keeping an eye on Rob. "You have company, I think" I paused, "it's either that or she's trying to stare into your soul."

"You've had one too many of those" Rob laughed, his eyes now watching the blonde only causing her to smirk. "Remember, what I said" I spoke, knowing he would approach her sooner or later.

"I'll get pregnant and die?"

"Yes, now go get 'em tiger" I spoke, smiling and shoving him eagerly toward the blonde, standing across the room.

I was the most perfect sister in the world.

Also, the most perfect wing-woman in the world.

"Can I get you another drink?" spoke a gentleman's voice, before I turned on my heel, I glanced at my glass. It was empty yet I didn't remember finishing it, perhaps Rob had.

"How classy?" I smirked, turning to see a handsome man. Sad to say, I already imagined him naked in the first 10 seconds of looking at him. What? It's been a while.

"I'm nothing but class" he smirked, shrugging carelessly. "Can I get you another wine?" he offered again.

He almost made it sound like, 'can we have sex?'

"Yes" I smiled, nodding slightly. What else was I supposed to say? No, I don't want a drink and then be gone with the beautiful man. I didn't roll that way.

A couple hours passed and I was thankful for this man; I didn't mind that I'd probably never see this man again in my entire life. I was thankful that he had taken me to his place, up the long stair case and into his bedroom.

I remember the words, "I don't want to break you" leaving his lips as I was placed on the bed. I took my hair out, letting it fall down my back, "I should have been broken years ago" I replied.

I would never forget his chiselled muscles and smooth voice. I'd do anything to see him yet again but then again, people move on. He's probably married or something.

Robert's POV
6 months ago;

I worried about my eldest sister sometimes and at times, she hadn't even been drinking before the ridiculous statements spills from her lips. I approached the blonde who had been eyeing me for a little while now.

Go get 'em tiger, the words echoed in my head.

"Hi, can I help you?" I questioned, smiling charmingly but thinking how much of a d-ck I must have sounded. Hi, can I help you? Really, Robert?

"You might" she smirked. I knew those smirks, they meant trouble, mischief or just trouble again. I knew them so well because of my younger brother Jason.

He was the bad child.

"I might?" I raised an eyebrow; stop asking questions! But what was I supposed to say. The blonde stepped closer toward me and dragged me from my thoughts, "yes and I think you know how too."

"I do" I said slowly, nodding; feeling like a puppet who was being toyed with. "See, you do" she smirked.

Need I say more? She was a brilliant kisser.
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