how to be a heartbreaker - marina and the diamonds

Name: virginia "gina" cardin; 25
bio: Virginia is the daughter of Senator Michael Cardin and his wife Jessica and because of this, has always had extremely high expectations. even though her and her parents seemed like the perfect all-american family, they were anything but. both her parents were too busy for her, so they sent her off to boarding school at seven. her parents encouraged her to go into politics just like dad, but at an early age she discovered her love of art, specifically painting and sketching. she grew up feeling neglected, resulting in her shy yet icy demeanor. she's never felt close to anyone, and is cautious about letting anyone new into her life. 
model: lana del rey

the family:

-Senator Michael Cardin; 64
maryland senator, always wanted his daughter to follow in his footsteps.
model: harrison ford

-Jessica Cardin; 57
wife and mother, at least that's the persona she puts on for the american public. 
model: kyra sedgwick

-Gisela Cardin; 23
cousin and roommate. the only one virginia really trusts
model: kelly osbourne 

the guy:

-jesse cohen; 26
virginia's best guy friend. he wants more but will she let him in?
model: adam levine

the job:
artist at allure events
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