`thinking out loud` - ed sheeran

june twenty-fifth, seven forty five

aloha beauties,

gah guys, my activeness keeps slipping and i would apologise but i've been super busy and the only reason i'm keeping my polyvore active at the moment is because it contributes as examples in my university portfolio ❁

yet again, this set is inspired by sorcha // @summer23134 and i love the colour scheme and shelby and one d and the skirt gahh gimme gimme gimee (◕‿◕✿) 

multiply is f-cking amazing, ughh i am in loveeee! i watched the capital summertime ball earlier and his set was flawless, the version of `you need me, i don't you` was f-cking sickkkkk ❁

life update for you guys, umm my friend passed her driving test so we went out to celebrate that and my other friend's birthday on friday. we went for a meal and then went to the bowling arcade, it was lovely! then on the saturday, we went out for a drive with music blasting and we went shopping and such too (◕△◕✿) 

this week has been filled with school, asssignments, CV writing and job applications! i'm trying to get a job for the weekends, evenings, summer holidays etc, so watch this spaceee ❁

this friday i have a day off school, so i'm gonna go see the fault in our stars (again) with two of my best friends and it's gonna be fabb and i can't wait

also i'm in a better place now, things are better and my friends are being supportive of everything and i'm speaking to a lot more people and getting over my awkwardness and depression, so yay for self improvement ❁

also i'm gonna try getting my blog up and running this weekend, so if you're willing to contribute post ideas or willing to follow me then please send me a message ❁

i hit one thousand followers on tumblr and have been getting more messages / anons so thank you thank you thank you to everyone who's been following me or supporting me since i started it up, i love you all (◕△◕✿)
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