Kitchen Essentials: 12 Unique Nutcrackers

Go nuts! Think outside the box with these unique and useful crackers. This small and compact tool will not only save you countless trips to the first aid box, but provide you with tasty morsels in a cinch. How will you be cracking in style?
  • Normann Copenhagen Nutcracker
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    Nutcracker is a redesign of the traditional nutcracker. The idea came from annoying pains in the fingers when Ding3000 were cracking nuts. Nutcracker is easy to find in the kitchen drawer, and with its graphic silhouette and classic colors it is a remarkable take on this classic everyday object. Nutcracker is a simple, stylish and innovatively designed nutcracker made of silicone. It has a comfortable grip and is incredibly easy to use. Nutcracker folds back to its original position once the nut has been cracked. In detail: Type : Nut cracker. Colour : Coral red. Material : Silicone and aluminium. Dimensions : L 19,2 cm x W 7,7 cm x D 2,2 cm. Characteristics : Suitable for dishwasher.
  • Large Blue Robot Nutcracker
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    In the future robots will fulfil all manner of helpful tasks around the home… the future has arrived with these vintage looking wind-up robots whose specialist task is to crack open nuts. Place a nut inside the robot's belly and twist the key to crack open the shell.Robot Nut Crackers are easy to use and will break into any nut, from the smallest hazelnut to the toughest walnut. Your new best friend is made from solid beech wood and finished with a gleaming retro paint-job. Beech Wood. Dimensions: 34cm x 13cm.
  • Odin - Cracky Nutcracker
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    Cracky by designer Jack Mankiewicz and Odin is an original and very unusual nutcracker – a merry monster, half laughing dolphin, half tyrannosaurus Rex. But the important thing with nutcrackers is how they work: Cracky’s outstanding feature is its mighty teeth, its gaping wide mouth that can effortlessly break nuts of any size. Once these come between the large teeth, they are virtually incapable of further resistance. Also important for the way Cracky works is the fact that its arms are held apart by a spring, so its mouth always starts off wide open and always ready to grab a nut. Moderate force applied with one hand will suffice to crack the shell in precisely the right place, with the handles and the jaws only moving a few millimetres towards each other.
  • Norpro Davy Crack It Squirrel Nutcracker
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    Norpro Davy Crack It Squirrel Nutcracker Easily crack almonds or pecans with this whimsical, attractive nut cracker from Norpro. Davy the squirrel is made out of heavy duty cast aluminum. Stands 5-1/2 inches (14 cm) tall. For best care, hand washing and drying is recommended. Makes a great gift idea for any kitchen enthusiast.
  • Tory Burch Robinson Nutcracker
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    Introducing a new collection of unique objects and coveted keepsakes inspired by Tory's home. The Robinson Nutcracker - named after her parents, Buddy and Reva Robinson - is hand-cast in brass and finished with a signature 'T' logo hinge. Substantial and richly detailed, the design is inspired by an antique find and is an homage to her family's tradition of shelling and eating nuts together during holiday gatherings. It's a perfect present - and an eclectic-chic conversation piece.
  • mono - pico walnut cracker
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    The walnut cracker mono pico opens walnuts softly and without unwanted fractures. Its tip is simply stuck into the soft part of the walnut and, by turning slightly, the shell can be split into two halves. With the outside tips, the interior can be removed easily. For jewellery fans: It can also be used as necklace with a long leather band. More details: Design: Ralph Krämer. Material: 18/10 Stainless steel, polished. Dimensions: Diameter 7 cm.
  • siebensachen Nusskubus Nutcracker
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    The Nusskubus was designed by the Berlin design-team Adam and Harborth and brings the archaic nutcracker directly into civilized people's homes. Memories to our stone-ages ancestors become alive, when the dressed sapient sits on its table and opens nuts, by striking to wood cubes against each other. The cubes of the Nusskubus have three different anvil hollows, which can embrace every nut size of the world. Put one of the chosen nuts in one of this dells and strike both cubes against each other: As solution you will receive the opened nut and the direct enjoyment about this unconventional form of the nutcracker. The Nusskubus is made of 2 cubes out of beech wood. The cubes are waxed and arrive including an instruction in a gift box.
  • Eichholtz Baron Nut Cracker
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    Who says that form has to follow function. In this case the Eichholtz Baron nut cracker does exactly the opposite whilst remaining a very useful object. This equestrian inspired stylish stirrup shaped nut cracker is made from shiny nickel with a contrasting brass handle in the shape of a snaffle bit from a horses mouth, looking great even when not in use. ?Simply manually screw the handle down to clasp and open all sorts of nuts for dinner parties or a quick snack.
  • Alessi Scoiattolo Nut cracker
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    Nutcracker in 18/10 stainless steel and wood. Andrea Branzi has designed the Nutcracker "Scoiattolo" (squirrel) and is very attentive to the environment and to natural forms. His family of object can be easily recognized, thanks to its extended forms, and includes, among the others, also the funny Toothpick holder and the bottle-opener "Ercolino". In detail: Type : Nut cracker. Colour : Steel & wood. Material : Polished stainless steel - Wood. Dimensions : L 12 cm x W 7 cm x H 24 cm.
  • Rösle® Nutcracker
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    This elegant nutcracker’s angled teeth grip nuts firmly, preventing them from slipping. Because pressure is exerted solely by the teeth, the shell can be cracked open without damaging the nut inside. The rounded handles are comfortable to hold, and the tool’s weight is perfectly balanced for ease of use. Manufacturer: Rösle. Care: Hand wash. Dimensions: 7¾" l. Material: 18/10 stainless steel. Warranty: Lifetime warranty. Made in China.
  • Tom Dixon Cast Nut cracker
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    A well rounded nutcracker made to fit in the palm of your hand. Manufactured in cast iron and finished with a black powder coating for supreme durability. Resilient brass thread incorporated. In detail: Type : Nut cracker. Colour : Black. Material : Sand cast cast iron, finished with a black powder coating - Solid brass thread. Dimensions : Ø 4,5 cm x H 15 cm. Characteristics : Hand made.
  • Alessi Nut Splitter Nut cracker
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    The "Nut splitter" was developed during the workshop on "Ethic and Design" in July 2007. It's a small and gracious utensil made using steel precision casting and is a reminder of an ancient use in agricultural rural life: opening a nut with both hands with the help of a small punch. Our inspiration came from the little propellers of the maple tree's seeds: a sign of freedom and fusion. Using these nutcrackers, designed by Jim Hannon-Tan, is much more intuitive than it appears from the shape : you just have to insert the point between the two halves of the nut and rotate it to apply pressure. The ergonomic grip, which fits the fingers well, and the "soft" contact with the polished precision cast stainless steel make the action a pleasurable experience. The item is carefully gift wrapped. In detail: Type : Nut cracker. Colour : Steel. Material : 18/10 stainless steel. Dimensions : L 4 cm x W 3,5 cm. Characteristics : Gift-packaging.


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