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    Menu's Glass Kettle Teapot by Norm Architects uniquely embraces the meeting of two traditions - the Asian zen philosophy and modern Scandinavian design. A special feature is the teapot’s transparency that grants a visual experience of the tea and stimulates the senses of sight, touch and smell alike. As a fine design detail the tea egg is placed in the center of the pot and is easily raised by pulling the attached silicon string when the tea is ready for serving.
  • XD Design Wooden cutting board with 3 knives
    This wooden cutting board by XD Design has folding handles and an anti-slip grip. The package includes a knife, a serving fork and a blade sharpener. Cooking has never been this much fun!
  • Solaswitzerland Luxus Gold cutlery set - 24 pcs
    Beautifully designed for special occasions, the Luxus Gold 24 Piece Cutlery Box Set is sure to fetch you many compliments. This cutlery box set includes 6 dinner forks, 6 dinner knives, 6 dessert spoons, and 6 teaspoons. Also, it comes with a caddy that allows you to easily display it on your dining table. The golden finish of the Luxus Gold 24 Piece Cutlery Box Set adds to its beauty and elegance. Moreover, you can gift this cutlery box set to your loved ones. Handwashing recommended.
  • LOVETHESIGN Round teapot
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    The classic glass teapot has been transformed into a modern design with a comfortable handle. The design language is classic and simple. The mixure of materials in heat resistance glass, plastic handle, filter and stopper is contrast to the classical material concept. This new and unique design application makes this teapot to have a special glow. It comes with a plastic filter. After tea steeping in the filter, you raise the filter and put the stopper back on the teapot. The filter and stopper are easily disassembled and cleaned.
  • LOVETHESIGN Ceppo in Bamboo con 3 coltelli per formaggio
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    Ceppo in bamboo con coltello per il grana, coltello-forchetta per formaggi stagionati e coltello per formaggi morbidi. Inoltre, e' compreso un vassoio in ceramica bianca, ideale per servire i vostri stuzzichini. Si consiglia il lavaggio a mano.
  • Officina Alessi Il Conico kettle
    As with the La Conica espresso coffee maker, the link between the shape of Aldo Rossi's kettle and its name is clear. The cones, a constant presence in his architectural designs, are transformed into real objects to be touched and used, becoming icons.
  • LOVETHESIGN Express Delivery
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    Thanks to a game of balance and counterweights, this bottle holder can hold a wine bottle mid-air!
  • A di Alessi La Cupola 3 coffee maker
    Designed in 1988 by Aldo Rossi, the mind behind some of the most representative objects of the 1980s, La Cupola coffee maker shows the ability of a great designer to enter into a dialogue with the public's tastes: this is a moka coffee maker for everyone. Made of high-quality aluminium with its excellent heat conducting properties, it's perfect for making Italian coffee. This item makes coffee for 3 cups.
  • LOVETHESIGN Set 3 utensili da cucina Cooking Block
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    Cucinare e giocare sono ormai un sinonimo grazie a Cooking Block, un set di 3 utensili da cucina composto da un mestolo, un giratore e un servispaghetti. Grazie al supporto i 3 utensili possono essere facilmente incastrati insieme proprio come i classici Lego. Per essere sempre a portata di mano. Il supporto puo' essere agganciato a parete con nastro biadesivo oppure con chiodi. Guarda online gli altri prodotti che puoi utilizzare in cucina.
  • Knindustrie Borosilicate glass pot
    A thick pasta pot made of flame-resistant borosilicate glass. Everything inside it stays in sight. The shape of the pot is simple and the ingredients becomee the protagonists, with their shapes, colours and motion while boiling. Glass is a wonderful material that has been used for ages in food preparation. Glass cookware is the safest cookware to use. It is free of chemicals and therefore there is no risk of chemicals migrating into your food. When glass is tempered, it can withstand high temperatures and can even be flame proof. Glass is non-porous, which means that it does not absorb flavours and odours from food. Glass is non-reactive, so you can use it in cooking any type of food, without worrying about acidity or other reactive properties of different food types. Glass is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe, with no need for any special maintenance routine. All you need is warm soapy water and your pot goes back to new. Just remember that glass is breakable - borosilicate glass less so, but treat with extreme caution all the same. Avoid shocks and hits to the body and the handles of the pot.
  • Muuto Turn Around squeezer
    Kibisi on the design of the Turn Around squeezer: The Turn Around juicer tells a story of craftsmanship, materials and processes used for centuries. So why hide your juicer in the drawer when the shape allows it to stand on its own?ë.
  • LOVETHESIGN Portabottiglie Bottle Island
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    Questo portabottiglie in sughero ospita 3 o 6 bottiglie. Il design ondulato richiama dolci paesaggi di viticolture. Lo sfondo perfetto per brindare a tutto quello che desideri!
  • Nuovo Milano cutlery set for 6
    Alessi's Nuovo Milano 24-piece cutlery set is an excellent example of unparalleled Alessi quality, design and craftmanship. Designed by Italian master Ettore Sottsass, this flatware is elegant and simultaneously informal with a great weight, look and feel. This set of flatware for 6 place settings is composed of 24 pieces altogether - 6 table spoons, 6 table forks, 6 table knives and 6 coffee spoons in 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel. Now a recognised classic and winner of the Premio Compasso d’Oro (1989) and the Bio 12 at the Ljubljana Biennale (1988), Alessi's Nuovo Milano cutlery set entered production after several years of formal experimenting, prototyping, and technological research on differentiated thicknesses in the bodies of the cutlery pieces: Ettore Sottsass wanted his cutlery to be as smooth as seaworn stones. This popular flatware collection by Alessi has been one of their best selling since its introduction more than 20 years ago. The Nuovo Milano cutlery set, designed by Ettore Sottsass, has become a classic. Part of the Nuovo Milano collection of traditional cutlery, this 24-piece tablet set come in a simple design with beautifully rounded edges. Ettore Sottsass was a great and influential Maestro of Italian design. The energy of his language and the vitality of his colour and line contrast sharply with any intellectualism and rigidity. The Alessi table set is dishwasher safe.
  • Nonna Peppy Plate S Minty
    Minty is a small round plate made from shatterproof melamine. It comes in a beautiful array of patterns in a mint colour. Its happy colours and simple design will add a joyful yet elegant feel to your table. With Nonna Peppy's tableware - on sale online - you can mix and match to your heart's content. Complete your Nonna Peppy collection now! Use this plate to serve dessert, fruit or snacks, and complete it with a dinner plate and a bowl in order to create your own personalised dinner set. Made in Germany, these plates are dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwave use.
  • Forminimal Forminimal utensil holder set
    The Forminimal utensiil holder set includes a utensil holder, a knife holder (knives not included) and an integrated bamboo cutting board. Bamboo sticks inside the knife holder are treated against mould and allow for large knives to be stored safely. These items belong to the Forminimal collection, a new contemporary kitchenware range by Black+Blum. Each piece is iconic and sculptural, with top functionality and a stylish look.
  • XD Design Organic cheese board
    Organic by XD Design is a wooden cutting board specifically designed for cheese. The package includes 2 knives suitable for all kinds of cheese.
  • Seletti My Skateboard tray
    Seletti introduces a new addition to its freshest and most original collection - a porcelain skateboard. This serving tray is shaped after a skateboard and will add a new dimension to your food. Available in white or gold. Be creative and browse online other ideas to make your table unique.
  • Livellara Dancing Leaf tea pitcher
    Dancing Leaf Tea Pitcher with handle allows you steeping loose leaf tea without any infuser. You can make your own favourite tea. It consists of a glass carafe and build-in filter. It moves easily from tea maker to pitcher. It can make hot tea or brew cold tea. The pitcher is made of heat-resistant glass and a silicone lid. A built-in filter omits the need for an infuser, so simply that let your loose leaf tea unfurl and steep until it reaches your desired flavour.
  • Brandani Coffee set 4 pcs
    A coffee set including 2 coffee cups and a sugar bowl, all in white porcelain. It sits on a natural wooden tray.
  • LOVETHESIGN Pots&Pans set of pots
    Pots&Pans is a complete cookware set designed by Jasper Morrison for Alessi. The third series of Alessi pots had the ambitious goal of standing beside Sapper's copper and steel “Cintura di Orione” and also Giovannoni's aluminium-bottomed steel “Mami”, but occupying a much lower price bracket yet maintaining the same high design quality and high attention to functionality. The knob on the cover lets you lift it with a wooden spoon. This set is a masterpiece of design quality and functionality, and features a super popular design. The set includes one stockpot with lid, one casserole with 2 handles and lid, one low casserole with 2 handles and lid , and one saucepan with lid. Crafted of 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel, these cookware feature a stainless steel covered aluminum base for even heat distribution. They are suitable for cooking on induction, gas, electric and pyroceram plates. Dishwasher safe and can also be used inside the oven. Alessi, known as the Italian design factory, has manufactured household products since 1921. The stylish and fun items offered are the result of contemporary partnerships with some of the world's best designers of unique and modern home accessories. The design of these pots and pans is innovative and durable, perfect for everyday use.
  • Qualy Sparrow bowl
    With the Sparrow salad bowl by Qualy your table will gain a romantic feel. Two long-tailed little birds act as servers and gain the spotlight on the table.
  • XD Design Planet salt & pepper set
    Planet by XD Design is an elegant salt & pepper set. The spring grinder allows a comfortable use also with a single hand.
  • Brandani Rectangular coffee set 4 pcs
    A coffee set including 2 coffee cups and a sugar bowl, all in white porcelain. It sits on a natural wooden tray.
  • LOVETHESIGN Piatto piano Tree of Light
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Il piatto piano Tree of Light è rotondo ed è realizzato in melamina infrangibile. È quindi adatto all'uso all'aperto e da parte di bambini, senza il rischio che si rompa. È disponibile online in tante diverse decorazioni nei toni del verde, consentendoti così di creare il tuo set da tavola personalizzato. Unisci questo piatto piano al piatto fondo e al piattino coordinati, oppure abbinane di diversi: le possibilità sono infinite. Questa linea di piatti firmati Nonna Peppy è realizzata in Germania e lavabile in lavastoviglie. Non adatto all'uso in microonde.
  • Brandani Drop seasoning set 4 pcs
    This beautiful set includes oil & vinegar bottles and salt & pepper shakers, all in white porcelain, sitting on a bamboo base.
  • Set di 24 posate Brio
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Per Natale porta in tavola il servizio di posate delle feste, l'occasione merita! Questo set è composto da 6 forchette, 6 coltelli, 6 cucchiai e 6 cucchiaini. Abbinale al set di piatti e rendi la tua tavola di Natale sempre più bella. Questo set di posate è lavabile in lavastoviglie.
  • LOVETHESIGN Mensola Universal piccola frassino
    SOLD OUT: More info
    La mensola di design Universal piccola, realizzata in frassino color naturale, è una soluzione comoda ed esteticamente bella per ottimizzare lo spazio in cucina. La sua forma rettangolare, semplice ed elegante, è arricchita da una barra in acciaio dove appendere posate, vasetti, tazze e strofinacci. Usala in cucina ma anche in bagno, accanto al lavabo, o nell'ingresso: c'è sempre bisogno di un appoggio extra a muro per le tue cose. La comoda funzione di appendino rende questa mensola un utilissimo oggetto multifunzione. La mensola va avvitata al muro ed è disponibile anche nella versione in acciaio inox bianco. Scopri online altri prodotti correlati.
  • LOVETHESIGN Fnugg tea jug
    Fnugg (Flake) is a classic and modern tableware, with strong grounding in Wik & Walsøe’s values: high quality and lasting value. Fnugg sneaks naturally into Wik & Walsøe family, with its clean and classic look. The simple and beautiful dishes in translucent bone china surprise with its somewhat nearly invisible platinum decor. Fnugg is made ​​of the finest bone china. The porcelain is characterized by an amazing translucency, shiny and precious look. Tableware in bone china is fine tableware for the big occasions. Our bone china is decorated with silver and therefore can not be put in the microwave or oven.
  • A di Alessi Girotondo basket - steel H 8.8 cm
    Girotondo H 8.8 cm is a basket made from epoxy resin. The cartoon men created by the King-Kong (Stefano Giovannoni and Guido Venturini) team are a symbol and icon of mirror polished design based on the use of affective codes, so much so that they are one of its most oft-cited examples.
  • Brandani Cutting board with 9 cutlery Pizzainsieme
    A pretty bamboo cutting board complete with 4 knives, 4 forks and a pizza cutter with a polypropylene handle and a stainless steel blade, ideal to share a pizza with your friends. This item belongs to the selection by Brandani - a premium Italian brand whose tableware has become iconic. Hand washing recommended.
  • Forminimal Forminimal salad bowl and servers
    The Forminimal salad set includes a salad bowl and 2 bamboo salad servers. Servers are designed to interlock and ease the serving process. This set is dishwasher safe and has a smooth surface that is easy to clean. This set belongs to the Forminimal collection, a new contemporary kitchenware range by Black+Blum. Each piece is iconic and sculptural, with top functionality and a stylish look.
  • Brandani Tasting tray with knives
    This set includes a bamboo tray, a porcelain cutting board, a parmesan cheese knife, fork/knife for mature cheese, knife for soft cheese. Hand washing recommended.
  • LOVETHESIGN 2 teli cucina Pois grandi
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Portiamo l'allegria nelle nostre cucine grazie ai 2 teli cucina Pois Grandi di Hay. Cucinare è una passione ed un’arte che riesce bene a chi si diverte nel farlo, si è proprio cosi ed in fondo è questo il segreto in ogni cosa: divertirsi. se amiamo quello che facciamo e ci divertiamo mentre facciamo quel qualcosa allora otterremo degli ottimi risultati. Il brand Hay è un brand danese e ci propone due dei più comodi accessori da cucina in una versione divertente ed allegra: I teli cucina pois grandi. Un set composto da 2 teli da cucina double face che rallegreranno la nostra cucina. La stampa principale è realizzata su entrambi i teli e sono i pois che vengono accompagnati da una trama più intensa un classico dei due maggiori designer del Hay. I pois sono uno dei trend principali nel fashion world in questi anni e questo rende la stampa di questi due teli contemporanea. I pois, oltre ad essere accompagnati dalla trama, vengono accompagnati da altre due grandi trend estivi che sono i colori fluo e i colori pastello. Possiamo perciò definire questi due teli non sono semplici complementi d'arredo per la cucina ma anche un accessorio fashion e moderno. Abbiamo definito i due teli da cucina pois grandi double face proprio per la presenza di queste due tendenze, da un lato troveremo il lato vivace con i colori fluo a contrasto con i pois in colori pastello e dall'altro troveremo i colori pastello a contrasto con i pois fluo. Questo set è realizzato da due teli uno di color arancio e l'altro di color celeste. I teli vengono realizzati con due diversi materiali misto cotone e poliestere questo li rende morbidi, sensuali e lussuosi al tatto, mentre grazie ai suoi colori ed alla stampa risulta un set di teli da cucina divertente, allegro, moderno e simpatico.
  • Universal shelf for wine glasses
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The Universal shelf for wine glasses by Universal Expert is made from white stainless steel. Its upper shelf is designed to host jars, cups and bottle, while the lower steel support can hold up to 6 standard-sized stem glass. A multifunctional accessory for the modern kitchen. This shelf screws to the wall. Available also in an ash wood version.
  • LOVETHESIGN Teiera cilindrica
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Realizzata in vetro la teiera di Livellara non può mancare nella case di chi vede il gesto di servire il tè o gli infusi come un culto. Per se stessi o in compagnia questo prodotto farà da protagonista sulle vostre tavole. Caratterizzata da un design semplice e garbato si adatta perfettamente ad altri stili. La classica teiera per infusi si trasforma in un moderno oggetto di design con una comoda impugnatura. Il suo stile è classico e semplice. La combinazione di materiali (vetro resistente al calore e manico, filtro e stopper in plastica) sovverte la concezione tradizionale, in un oggetto originale dal fascino particolare. La teiera è provvista di un filtro in plastica e di uno stopper, entrambi facili da rimuovere e da pulire. Guarda online gli altri articoli della collezione.
  • Brandani Mon Amour single dinner set
    This single dinner set includes a table mat, a dinner plate, a soup plate and a fruit dish, all in white porcelain with a decorated border. This set belongs to the selection by Brandani - a premium Italian brand whose tableware has become iconic. Have fun in matching this item with others from the Kitchen & Tabletop selection, to create your own stunning tablescape. Important information: dishwasher safe.
  • Nonna Peppy Plate M Tree of Light
    The Tree of Light round dinner plate is made from shatterproof melamine. This way, it proves handy also for outdoor meals or when children are around. You can complete this plate with the matching bowl and saucer, or choose different patterns and decorations in order to create a custom dinner set. Let your imagination run free! Made in Germany, these plates are dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwave use.
  • Covo Leger set of 6 pieces of cutlery
    A simple change in shape - a cut - defines the personality of this set of steel cutlery, describing the strength of the material. This reinterpretation of classical style is enough to give a formal feel to any table.
  • Brandani Soapstone with wooden base
    This soapstone with wooden base belongs to the selection by Brandani - a premium Italian brand whose tableware has become iconic. This item is ideal to cook meat and fish directly on the table. Before using it, wash the stone on both sides using warm water. Then oil it, sprinkle some salt and put it in the oven - pre-heated at 200‚ë C - for a few minutes, until it reaches the desired temperature. Place the stone on top of the metal grill and place it on the table. Now your grill party can get started! While in use, adjust the burners to keep the stone hot. Cooking on soapstone is a very natural way of cooking. It radiates heat uniformly, in an ideal way to cook any kind of vegetables, meat or fish. This fat-free cooking method allows food to retain its nutritional values and natural taste. Technical specs: soapstone is a natural product, carved out of quarries and cut into the desired sizes. Its main features are - excellent solidity, high thermal resistance and porosity. After warming up, small cracks may form due to heat - this doesn't affect in any way the features and quality of this stone. While cooling down, cracks will narrow a bit but will remain visibile. Do not use detergents, do not wash in dishwashers, prevent any falls as stone might crack.
  • LOVETHESIGN Portabottiglie Nine-0 per 9 bottiglie
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Nine-0 e' la soluzione perfetta per conservare le bottiglie di vino. Questo portabottiglie per 9 bottiglie puo' essere usato da solo, impilato o affiancato, a parete o in terra. Realizzato in rovere e sabbiato, e' finito con cera d'api per mettere in risalto le venature naturali del legno. e' in grado di contenere fino a 9 bottiglie in senso orizzontale (fino a 90 mm di diametro). e' consegnato gia' assemblato. Pulire con un panno asciutto. Applicare cera per mobili se necessario. Tenere lontano dall'acqua.
  • LOVETHESIGN Scola posate Jumbo
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Scola stoviglie a forma di elefante dotato di proboscide per scolare l’acqua in eccesso! Basta riporlo accanto al lavandino per far scolare l’acqua in eccesso. Perfetto anche come porta spazzolini da denti.
  • Black + Blum - Sandwich On Board box
    Sandwich On Board is the perfect utilitarian design solution for preparing and carrying your sandwiches. No more squashed soggy sarnies! Use the naturally antibacterial, sustainable bamboo lid to create your sandwiches or assemble the ingredients for a delectable meal later in the day. The Sandwich On Board is a 0.8mm aluminium container including a 5mm bamboo cutting board/lid. It has a silicone seal and an elastic strap (knife not included). FDA approved. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Clean with hot soapy water. Avoid leaving bamboo chopping board submerged in water, as it will warp.
  • Livellara Cylindrical teapot
    The classic glass teapot has been transformed into a modern design with a comfortable handle. The design language is classic and simple. The mixure of materials in heat resistance glass, plastic handle, filter and stopper is contrast to the classical material concept. This new and unique design application makes this teapot to have a special glow. It comes with a plastic filter. After tea steeping in the filter, you raise the filter and put the stopper back on the teapot. The filter and stopper are easily disassembled and cleaned.

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