Kitt Foxx

She’ll tell you her name is Kitt. She’s lying. Names hold power and she’s not giving you any kind of power over her.
She’ll tell you her surname is Foxx. Also a lie.
She’ll tell you she’s only 19. She’ll tell you that her mother was some kind of crazy, witchy, priestess. That they used to live in a commune and that her mama raised her two daughters on a stable diet of nonsense and laughter.
Two daughters.
Kitt has a sister….
Had a sister.
Kitts sister was brave. Fierce and wild. Taut muscle stretched over bone. She was always whirring a step ahead of everyone else. Like a sliver of red and olive flame cut from some great fire.
Kitt idolised her and once she was old enough she and Catt left their wild, moon goddess mama to explore the world.
That’s what they were. Free. Wild, and full of lies and rhymes and nonsense and travel bugs that kept them awake and running.
Then one night…for all her whirring and all her rhymes and beauty…Catt vanished.
And then there was only Kitt.
Kitt chasing shadows and dreams.
Kitt living rough and stealing food and favours.
Kitt, with a bag full of treasures that mean nothing to anyone but her.

One night while out looking for clues (this newly alone) Kitt found herself trapped by the kinds of men normal mothers warn their daughters about.
She fought them…Or at least tried to...
Then Alex came. Like lightning. Sudden. With a flash like silver in the night.
With lupine eyes and a scent like violence.
He saved her. So she’ll follow him till she returns the favour.
And while she follows she’ll keep her eyes peeled for that whirring, dancing flame that is her sister.

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