Cats are so CUTE.
and so are DOGS and PUPPIES. i sound really...young and childish and innocent right know, when you just love animals more than anything? I do, i love animals more than anything. still, ever since I was really young. toddler years, too.

This sounds really harsh and cruel but i actually always feel so horrible when an animal dies, when a deer gets hit or a skunk is run over, when people hunt...more horrible than I feel about a person's death. i mean, more than a STRANGER'S death. If i read the obituary and it's a few short sentences about someone's death, i's hard to feel sad, until you really think about it.

Now I'm talking about death...well, i was just saying that it takes a while to really think about a person's death and that they actually had a life, thoughts, dreams and got to laugh and make jokes and cry, and then they're just not there anymore. No matter how they died.

and when I hear that an animal dies or see it, I feel immediately awful and sickened. probably because they're more defenseless? and it's always as though...the animal won't hurt me. People back talk you and create lies and fight all of the time. so I guess i always assume the animals are innocent and sweet creatures like in Bambi.

That's my long detailed story of how animals seem to be the sweetest things in the world.
There are some kittens living in a bush near my aunt's house, with their mom, all alone. She feeds them baby food now. One is in the sewer...and stuck, I think? see! When people fall down sewers (which they don't often...) they can get out. Cats...animals...can't.

i'm a puppy person though. I love cats who are nice to me. I'm just a kind of person who wants to sit on the sofa and snuggle up with a big ball of fluff without them hissing at me. dogs can be more...lovey...right?

anyways, my dance teacher has a tiny little chiuaua and she brought her to the studio, she was the tiniest little thing who was so SWEET.

if she fell down the sewer...gosh.
she's no Barnes the donkey.
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