✰Kitty René Rosewood✰

Name: Kitty René Rosewood
Nickname: Kitty Cat
Age: 17
POB: Copenhagen, Denmark
DOB: November 24
- - - - - - - -
Looks: [Doutzen Kroes] long, naturally curly blonde hair, big arctic blue eyes framed by thick, voluminous eyelashes used in a Chanel mascara ad that kiss her rosy cheeks when she smiles, coffee colored perfectly arched tadpole shaped eyebrows, high cheekbones, a small ski slope nose, flawless, tanned skin with never a freckle or blemish in sight, a defined cupid's bow over full, pearly pink lips that pull back to reveal a glamorous glowing white starlett smile, a long graceful neck, long, graceful arms and legs, elegant hands always french manicured, a thin body toned by pillates, and graceful from ballet.
Personality: Kitty is very smart as she is beautiful, but she doesn't like to show it off. She has a 4.0 GPA and has always been noted as a wonderful student. She's quite girlie, sweet, and funny. She can be silly when she wants to, but other times she's the friend you go to for a hug or advice. She always knows just what to say and just what to do. At her old school she was very popular and one of the nicest girls of her year. Kitty also has her nasty side, though, but only few know it. Be mean to her or her friends, and consider your life O-V-E-R over. She's also very artistic and very preppy.
Likes: Her friends, animals, the color purple, Anthropologie, Victoria’s Secret, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton bags, Marc Jacobs, trips to London, her Samoyed puppies, Aspen and Starry, her Persian Siamese mix Mousie, trips to the beach with her friends, Miss Dior, Marc Jacobs Daisy, and Tocca Violette perfumes, skiing, tea, candles, modeling, Nutella, trips to America, writing, playing with her pets, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, and lipgloss.
Dislikes: rap music, being sad, waking up early, the color orange, cheap drugstore makeup and perfumes, plaid, desperate boys, girls who are mean to her, Mexican food, public planes, taxis, subways, basically public transportation, public bathrooms, public beaches, wannabes, and cheap clothes.
Hobbies: Skiing, traveling, drawing, painting, dancing, shopping, sailing, ballet, yogalates, beach-bumming, training her Samoyeds, making cupcakes, hanging out with her friends, modeling, tanning, surfing, drinking tea, partying, and starring in commercials
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Wrote three years ago
Biography: On a crisp, clear November night when the stars were just right, the Rosie and Remington Rosewood welcomed a new baby girl into the world. They named her Kitty. Kitty was a special baby, as she was the baby of the fourth richest man in the world. They took Kitty home to their country side home in Denmark, where she was raised. Kitty also spent much time at her daddy’s homes in Switzerland, the New York Upper East Side, and Malibu, California. She attended one of the best private preschools in Denmark. She was a spoiled daddy’s girl, though she was very sweet. When she was three, she took up ballet and did mommy and me yoga with her supermodel mother. Kitty loved ballet and did it almost every day. She later went to an exceptional private kindergarten, again one of the best in Denmark, because nothing but the best would do for Remington Rosewood’s baby girl. Her teachers recognized her incredible art skills, and her parents had her enrolled in advanced art classes. By the age of six, she had already won seventeen art competitions. She went to a prestigious private grade school, where as usual she was one of the most popular little girls in the whole school. Kitty was always told by teachers, strangers, and her parents friends and colleagues that she was the most beautiful little girl they had ever met. When she turned twelve, she went to boarding school, which was also the year that a modeling agent gave her her first job as a model for Teen Vogue in a photo shoot. She was an exceptional student, adored by teachers. She was the girl that other girls would go home and gush about, and whenever she showed up with a new (always in-season) handbag, pair of shoes, scarf, etc. the others would all scramble to get one just like it, but by then it would be a thing of the past for her. All the boys at boarding school adored her, and she had her first boyfriend, Nate, a beautiful british boy that looked straight out of a Burberry ad, at the age of 13. They went out until she was 16, and by then she had already modeled in five issues of Teen Vogue, seven issues of Vogue, four issues of Elle, over twenty pictures of her and her famous parents in People, and was a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She and Nate decided to break up when she got accepted to Birch Academy, which would give her a chance to become a big-time super model.
- - - - - - - -
Modeling Experience: 7 times Vogue, 5 times Teen Vogue, 4 times Elle, Diorshow mascara ad, Victoria’s Secret Angel, Tropicana Orange Juice Commercial, L'oreal color care shampoo commercial, runway model for Juicy Couture, Vera Wang, and Marc Jacobs, Maybelline Great Lash ad, Bloomingdales model, and a NARS lipgloss ad.
Anything Else?: Nope ♥
- - - - - - - -
Group Name: Royals ♛


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