view the tutorial here:
d i f f i c u l t ][ 2-5 hours
cost: around $15
shop at: a fabric store & a craft store
(look for sales on solid sweatshirts at craft stores)
read: the instructions once though before you get started
I've never made one but it's totally possible to make funky sweatshirts.
My mom used to make stuff like this, I totally rocked them in elementary.
This is a bit of a tricky project, I'm not holding your hand as much for this one. Best of luck!

1 red sweatshirt in your (or who your making it for's) size
1 gray sweatshirt in your (or who your making it for's) size
1/4 yard black fleece
sewing machine/need & thread
big paper + pencil for tracing and planning
decent sewing skills, some past experience

1. cut off the right sleeve of the gray sweater, leaving a little extra fabric where it connects

2. cut off the right sleeve of the red sweater, leaving a little bit of the sleeve there

3. cut out elephant shape out of the top layer of extra gray sweater

4. cut pieces of black fleece for eye, edge of ear, and the tail

5. sew the black pieces onto the right spot on the gray elephant piece

6. lay the completed elephant shape on the remainder of the red sweater, making sure the elephant runs over the edge near the sleeve. pin down elephant.

7. without sewing through both sides of the sweatshirt, stitch down the elephant piece.

8. sew gray sleeve on red sweater. (this is the "trunk!") here's a tutorial with photos on how to sew sleeves on without cutting up the other part of the sweater.
TIP: Yours isn't going to look *exactly* like the photo, and that's ok! The idea is always there & it's a very unique clothing item, that's what counts. Other people that see you or your friend in the sweater aren't going to say "oh it doesn't look like the one online! ugh!" they're going to say "OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOUR TOP, THE SLEEVE IS THE TRUNK OMG COOL MAKE ME ONE PLEASE!!!!" :D
ALTERNATIVE IDEAS: Use any color combination you like! It's your sweater. I bet you could figure out a bunch of animals to make. No limits!

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Sweatshirts With Style by Mary Mulari (1980s/1990s)
The one my mom has. ♥ If you get it…she made me the ice skating one, fyi. x)
I'd be so excited!
be sure to check out my other projects!

big thanks to, I've loved that site's tutorials for ages ♥
♥ I worked really hard on this set. It took a long time to prepare.
The photo of the elephant sweater is not mine.
I wrote out & drew these instructions and took the instruction photos.
So if you see this anywhere else, it's not the original.

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Wrote 5 years ago
( this summer lol )

Wrote 6 years ago
Your tutorial was great! Here's my sweater.. (:
I'm pretty proud of it. :D

Wrote 6 years ago
i think i'll attempt this...but if it matters i would soooo buy it from you (cuz i'm guarenteed to mess it up :)

Wrote 6 years ago
I'm making this tonight. :D



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