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Wrote 5 years ago
1OOO. fave :p

Wrote 5 years ago
i love your awesome projects ♥

Wrote 5 years ago
Making them with my mommy :D Sorta off topic but I LOVE your cardigan :)

Wrote 5 years ago
i have 5 of these :)





love contests? hate the category/subject? supp! this is a contest group.with NO SUBJECT.that means throw in the crap you make when your bored AND the sets that took you eight hours to make. all are welcome! also, i love to hear your guys' comments about the group- good or bad. I'm also always open to suggestions! just PM me and we can make it happen! :]
Also, I'd like a chance to promote YOUR group too :) here's the announcement about it, message me with questions, please :)
*Want to promote YOUR group?*

I want to help you guys get your group off up the ground. Starting now, I'm going to make announcements to promote YOUR groups, your way. here's how it works:
1.) send me a message telling me what your group is all about, and why you think i should promote it. I'll also need the link. I'm not about to waste my time looking for your group, okay?
2.) I'll read what you sent me, and if i think its worth looking at, I'll follow the link and learn about your group.
3.) If i like it, I'll send you a notice, saying "yes, I'll promote your group" or if i didn't like it, "no, I don't think your group's worth promoting."
4.) You have a choice either to write your own review, and send it to me so i can post it, or have me write the review.
6.) I'll do five group promotions every day, and they will only be up for a day. I won't make a waiting list, so everyday, the first five people to message me about their group will get promoted (refer to number 3).

Whatever You Want

Whatever You Want

Welcome to Whatever You Want, where you can publish any set, about fashion, interior design or art and be sure that it'll be commented by the members.
You´re welcome!!!

WaNt yOuR sEt To Be PoPuLaR??

WaNt yOuR sEt To Be PoPuLaR??

Do you have amazing sets but no one is faving them? Did you work really hard on your sets and want to get rewarded for them? If either of the above statements are true, then join this group to make them false! Any kind of set is welcome. And everytime you look at one, post a comment. Let's help everyone get more favorites and more comments.
Wee hold very fast contests! Each of our contests lasts for 3 days, and we always make another one directly after it ends!
(And, ahem, add the owner, message her! She loves to talk to people. )
Come on guys! Tell everyone about this group so we can get more members and sets! And meanwhile, keep up the commenting and adding sets!

thanks guys!!! -EMMi

Je t'aime;?

Je t'aime;?

&& i l o v e you. ♥
passed from O N E [bestfriendd] to the O T H E R . ♥
&+ ii TRY to [[RUN]] but i keep on. . . c o m i n ' back. . . [[full circle]] ♥
meripiee&&'laynahhthroughTHiCKK&THiNN. ♥
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