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1. Create an outfit for your housewife. Are you closer to glamorous Gabrielle, family oriented Lynette or perfect Bree? 
2. Pick your husband.
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Since I have no idea about Desperate Housewives, (I've never seen an episode or know anything about it other than it is dramatic), I may not be accurate on how this goes. 

But I'm going to write a short story anyways!

Staring Hyoyeon as my leading lady! 


"Yeobo! I'm home" he said coming out of his red convertible. He had only bought that thing a month ago but he was already in love with it, running his hand against the dashboard. I leaned against the doorway, smiling at my goofy...husband? That was also a new addition to my life. New husband, New fancy house in the richest neighborhood, new car...basically a new life. 

"You're home early"

"Of course I am, it's Friday" he said coming out with something behind his back. "And you know Fridays are my favorite days of the week"

"Of course, you're not at your office all day" I replied, going forward a couple steps to meet him halfway. He came forward and kissed me on the cheek and then brought out a bouquet of white roses from behind his back and handed them for me. 

"Oh my, look at that" 

"What a kind husband she has..."

"...and handsome too! She is so lucky, how did she manage to snag a man that rich and good-looking?"

"Probably pretended to be in love with him to get him to marry her in the first place, she is an actress anyways?"

"Yeah, but obviously not a good one since I haven't seen her in anything" 

I ignored all the whispers from the women across the street. Well, they thought they were whispering but I could plainly hear them and their gossiping all the time. "Ignore them" I heard him whisper in my ear (a real whisper that is). 

"They don't bother me" I said with a fake smile on my face. "Now come on, I made dinner"

"Really?" he said laughing. "Is it actually edible this time?"

"Hyukjae!" I said hitting him on the shoulder teasingly. 

"You know I'm kidding...oh he is coming early today, can you add a third plate?" he asked closing the front door after me. I felt my smile slip for a moment but kept my voice calm. 

"Of course" 


"This is really good noona" Donghae said happily, drinking the soup. 

"I'm glad you like it" I replied. He smiled again and then he and Hyukjae started talking business things once more. I didn't want to hate Dongahe; he was nice and sweet, and frankly quite adorable with his cute habits. But as much as I liked him, I also held a resentment that no matter how hard I tried to hide it was going to explode one day and get revealed. 

"Hey," Hyukjae said poking my shoulder. "Spacing out again?"

"I think we are boring her dear" he said intertwining his hand with Hyukjae. The action alone made my appetite go away completely. 

"It's okay, I'm tired" I said, pushing back my seat and getting up. "I think I'm just going to go to bed early tonight" 

"You sure? But you always go out on Fridays" Hyukjae said, with a slight panic in his voice. 

"Don't worry" I said quickly reassuring him. "Hae, you can still stay buddy. Have fun" I said giving him a wink and thumbs up, ruffling his hair on the way out. 

I got into my room...well our room. Or at least it's like that on every day but Friday. Friday is Eunhae day. When hyukjae ( or Eunhyuk as Donghae likes to call him) get to spend time together as the couple they are. 

See hyukjae is gay. But his father was going to disown him if he found out and take away the company that Hyuk loves. Working at his family's company was like his dream. 

So he asked me, his best friend since we were five and met for the first time in the playground, to marry him and be his pretend "wife". I agreed of course. Hyukjae was my best friend and I loved him and Hae together, so of course I wanted to make them happy. 

But during the engagement process I started...developing feelings for Hyukjae. Which made things even more complicated for this complicated relationship. 

I knew better than to fall in love with him...but I did anyways. 

A few hours later I woke up when I felt a dip in the bed besides me. "Humm?" I said, slightly groaning from the sudden awaking movement. "Hyuk?" I said surprised when I recognized his arm around my waist. I knew it wasn't in a romantic way but a comfort thing (he always did like to cuddle no matter who it was with). "Where is Hae?" I asked. 

"He had to leave early tonight," he said getting closer. "He has a meeting with London early in the we could only do one round" he complained. 

"And I'm guessing that since you could walk in here, you weren't bottom tonight?" I said teasing him. 

"He lost rock, papers, scissors" he said. I could tell he was smirking, and his breath hovered the back of my neck causing me to shiver. "Are you cold?" he asked. 

"No, I'm fine" 



"When a girl says she is "fine" you know it means she isn't" he said turning me over by pulling on my shoulder so I would be facing him. "Tell me"

"It's nothing"

"Is it because of all the stupid stuff some of these women are saying? Don't listen to them. They are just jealous because you didn't already come from riches and have an actual talent unlike them"

"Thanks" I said gratefully. Above anything else, I was just happy to still have him as my best friend. 

"But something else was wrong, you were quiet during it about Hae?" he asked suddenly. 

"Of course not, you know I love Hae" I reassured him. "Maybe even more than you do" I joked.

"I doubt that" he smiled and I knew he was thinking about his beloved "fishy" again. "Wait, there is that face again, is it about Hae?" he said suddenly. 


"What is it?"

"It's hard" I finally said. 

"I know, I'm sorry" he said hugging me tightly. "I'm sorry that you didn't get a real husband. I'm sorry"

And he held me there close. 

"I'll set you up on a blind date okay?"

"Not another gay guy though" 

"That was one time!" he said quickly. "I thought he was straight for sure!"

"Pabo!" I said hitting him again and we laughed as we settled to sleep once again.
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