Rose- @lexieholl 
* at school*
Teacher: good morning class! Today is a pop quiz on the American revolution!
Me: *thinks* Where is Ratliff?
Ryland: *whispers* Riley where is your brother?? 
Me:*shrugs shoulders*
*Rocky,Ross and Ratliff are outside classroom*
Ross: let me do all the talking
Ratliff: Okay *runs into the classroom* Hey teacher lady I need to check Riley and Ryland out. Like right now!
Teacher*sighs* oh Ratliff I'd thought I'd never have to see you in my class room again, anyways what's the occasion?
Ratliff: they have a doctor's appointment!
Me: oh brother 
Teacher: at the same time?
Ratliff: yup
Teacher: And what is the name of this so called doctor?
Ratliff: Dr. Rollercoaster...
Teacher: yeah okay they can go
Ratliff, me, and Ryland: really?!
Teacher: NO! Not really. Sit back down and Ellington you have 5 seconds to leave my classroom
Ratliff: technically it's the school's classroom
Teacher: LEAVE!
* Ratliff leaves*
Ryland: your brother is
Me: I know
*later at the amusement park*
Riker: what took you guys soo long?
Rydel: we've been waiting forever
Rocky: why don't you ask Dr. Rollercoaster *points at Ratliff*
Riker,Rydel, and Rose: Huh??? *confused looks*
Me: okay Ratliff, next time you want to check us out of school to do something fun...
Ryland: don't 
Rose: I told them to let me do it 
*everyone laughs and walks to a ride*
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