Rose: @lexieholl 
*at the studio*
Me:*looks at watch* Okay where is that guy? He was supposed to be here 30min ago
Ross:He trying to be* takes out sunglasses and put them on* fashionably late
Riker: That was so funny I forgot to laugh
Rose: Technically you didn't forget if you just remembered that you forgot 
Ross: When did Rose become the smart one?
*everyone shrugs shoulders*
Rose: Ouch guys that hurt 
Rocky: Wait who is that?
* man in suit walks up to us*
Man: Hi I'm Donald Swimmer*extends hand but no one shakes it so pulls it back* Welcome to Hawaii! We'll shoot the first scene whenever you're ready.
R5: We're ready!
Donald: Okay I was hoping we could get a scene with Riley by herself first
Me: um sure ..I guess
Donald: Great! Follow me
Me: * follows Swimmer into room* So what's up?
Donald: I want to interview, know what goes thru your head when you write a song for R5
Me: Um okay I usually find a quiet place. I hate when the boys are being stupid and loud but usually I can shut them up. Most of my songs are about love and having fun.
Donald: Is there anything you would change about being R5's song writer?
Me: Nope! I love every minute of it! The tours, screaming fans it's all amazing. I do miss home sometimes tho.
Donald: Touching * ask camera guy* Did you get that? 
Camera man:*nods*
Donald: Okay good, we're done here
Me: wait, You don't want to ask me any more questions maybe my life story?
Donald: The fans don't care about you, they just care about the music, you're lucky I'm even giving you a scene. No get out of my office. Call in R5
Me: are you serious? * walks out of room*
Rydel: What's wrong Riley?
Me: That swimmer dude is a total jerk! He said the fans only cared about the music!
Rose: What a jerk!
Me: IKR!
Riker: Aww I really wanted to be on tv
Me: You're on tv pretty much every day, Glee remember?
Riker: Ohh yeah 
Ratliff: Well then it's settled, we're not doing the show anymore?
R5: deal* everyone walks out without telling anyone* 
Donald: Hey where are u guys going?
Ross: I really wanted to surf in Hawaii!
Rose: You can surf in California! C'mon!
Ross: But it's not the same!
Rose: Ross!!
Ross: Coming!
*back at the Lynch's*
Me: * sitting on couch* 
Rose: watcha doin?
Me: moping
Rose: Ugh are you still sad about what Swimmer said to you?
Me: I was dressed all Hawaiiany!!! *about to cry* 
Rose: *sighs* RATLIFF! ROCKY! I need reinforcements come here! 
Ratliff and Rocky: *come in* What?
Rose: Riley is still sad make her feel better
Ratliff: Hey Rocky what do you call a fish with no eyes?
Rocky: I don't know Ratliff, what do you call a fish with no eyes?
Ratliff: Fsh!
Me: * wipes face* I don't get it!
Rocky: What do you call a deer with no eyes?
*everyone shrugs shoulders*
Rocky: no-eyed-deer(no idea)!
Me: That's not even funny!! *laughs anyways*
#R5 #R5Rocks #IfIWereInR5 #RikerLynch #RydelLynch #RockyLynch #RossLynch #Ratliff
Sooo I know this one sucked bt I hadn't made one in a long time so yeah lol hopefully the other ones will make more cents lol if I make more( this mite be my last one!)
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