Me: *writing a song* What rhymes with beach? teach, reach, LEECH! * writes that down*
Ross,Rocky,& Ryland: *playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii* 
Me: Hey can you guys stop playing for like one minute please?
Ross: Let's make a bet! We' ll stop playing if you can beat all three of us at a song. Loser has to be the winner's slave for a week!
Me: You're on! Let's make it a month!
Ryland: Ross I think we should discuss this first 
Me: Shhh there's nothing to discuss
Rocky: What song should we do?
Ross: ...okay satisfaction it is
*we start playing and I'm winning*
Rocky: How are you winning?!
Ross: She's not even moving!!!
Ryland: She's just moving her arms!!
*Ratliff and Rose walk in*
Ratliff: What are you guys doing?
Me: I'm kicking there butts while they just stand there looking stupid
Riker: And I'm watching
Rose: I wanna watch too!!
Rocky: Hey! It could be worse!
Ross: How can losing to Riley be worse?
Rocky: We could be losing as bad as Ryland
Ryland: Hey!
*song ends and I win*
Me: I like little chocolates under my pillow and my bed made every day! Also all my chores done!
Ryland: You are a evil little thing aren't you?
Rose: She learned from the best
Me: Chop chop boys
Rocky: Do we really have to do this?
Me: No not really
Rocky: seriously?
Me: sarcasm is a foreign language to you isn't it?
Rydel: I'm back with food!!
Me: Food!!! See ya suckers!
Ross: *to Ratliff * Why couldn't it just be you?
*in the kitchen* 
Me: I can't get the lid on my frosty!
Rydel:* walks over to me* That's because it's upside down
Me: Are you- ohhhh *bust out laughing*
Riker: I'm calling the doctor
Ross: I'll help you!
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Soo lol I had to do this one twice cuz it got deleted the first time bt yeah that's why it's lame( lol maybe not the only reason) hope you like :P
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