Rose: *poking my nose*
Me: *sighs* Rose please stop poking my nose. OUCH! That was my eye!
Rose: Heehee! You said stop poking your nose!
Riley: Touché, Let's just get you in the house so u can take a nap.Good girl.
Ratliff: Hey! How'd Rose's dentist appointment go?
Riley: Let's just say no one got hurt. Bad.
Ratliff: What do you mean?
Me: Yeah, she tried to bite the dentist's finger off.... but on the up side he didn't press charges and I got a free toothbrush!
Ratliff: Good to know 
Rose: Haha! You're so funny grandma! Can I have some cookies?*squeezes Ratliff's cheeks* 
Rydel: Heyyy guys! So where's Rose?
Me: Haha um what do you mean where is Rose? She's right here*points into space* or atleast she was....
Ratliff: Way to go 
Rydel: She's in the house no biggie 
Ross: *in kitchen* Rose put the spoon down!
Me: Found her! *runs to kitchen*
Ross: Riley!!! Get your sister!
Me: I'm coming! Rose! Put the spoon down!
Rose: Make me! *laughs*
Me: I've got skittles!! *shakes bag of skittles*
Rose: Gimme! *reaches for skittles*
Rocky: Do you really think it's safe to give her skittles at a time like this?
Me: Chillax, she can't eat them, it'll hurt to much.
Rocky: Apparently not to much. *points at Rose*
Rose: *eating skittles* ouch! *chews* ouch! 
*Riker walks in*
Rose: RIKER!!! * runs and tackles Riker*
Riker: *on the ground* What did I do? Is Rose mad at me?
Me:No, she just got back from the dentist and you know she has that irrational fear of dentists so they had to give her more gas than usual. 
*all the boys start giggling*
Me: What?!
Rocky: You said gas!
Riley: Ugh! I'm exhausted! You should have seen her in the car! You wouldn't believe what she asked me! *lays on the couch*
Riker: Little help please...nevermind.
Rose: Hey guys let's go build a snow man! * starts singing!*
Me: Has anyone seen the pain medicine?
All: Pain medicine?!
Rose: Hey guys is the room getting dark to- *falls asleep on the floor*
Ross: Thank goodness it's over! 
Riker: Aww she's cute when she's sleeping
Me: My work here is done, Who wants ice cream!
All but Rose: We do!
Rose:Heeheehee! ICE CREAM! *goes back to sleep*
Heyyy y'all!! It's been a long time since I've made one of these!! Hope you like it and it made u laugh!
Stay lovely
All the lovely ones:
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