*at the Lynches watching tv*
Me: *stands up* I'm starting a revolution!
*everyone looks at me*
Me: I'm serious, I'm becoming a vegan!
Rocky: That was random
Rose: Welcome to the world of Riley 
Riker: Why the sudden change in diet 
Me: BECAUSE meat makes you fat and you're killing helpless animals who don't have a say! Well now they do! I volunteer to be their voice!
Ross: She's lost it
Me: They only thing I've lost is my urge to sit around eating hamburgers!
Rydel: *whispers to Ratliff* How long do you think this will last?
Ratliff: 5, 7, maybe 10
Rydel: 5,7 maybe 10 what?
Ratliff: minutes
Rose:Who's hungry?
Me: not me!
Everyone else : Me!
Me: You guys are cruel!
Rose: We'll be back Rils!
Me: Fine! * goes into kitchen and comes back with a bag of baby carrots* I'll just eat these carrots! Louis from one direction loves girls who eat carrots!
Riker: Seriously
Ross: She had to go there?
Rydel: We're leaving! 
*they leave*
*three hours later* 
Me: I'm so hungry!! *looks at fish tank* Fish sticks?!
*everyone comes back*
Riker: You guys are so- Riley what are you doing?
Me: *sprawled on the floor* dying of starvation 
Rose: What happened to your carrots? You ate them all?
Me: Nooo I didn't eat them all! A girl can only eat sooo many carrots!
Ross: Hahahahaha
Me: *gives Ross death glare* Did you 
guys bring me anything back?
Rocky: *holds up a paper bag* Yup! A cheeseburger!
Me: Gimme! *takes burger and stuffs in mouth*
Rose:Soo I'm guessing your not a vegan anymore?
Me: * mouth full* mmhmmnooamhm
Lol so this actually happened to me after I watched a video in science class... My strike didn't last long. When I got home a I had a double stack from Wendy's .... I'm a terrible person!!!
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