Me: *sleeping in my bunk*
Rose: *whispers* Riley! Do you know what today is??? *wakes me up*
Me: Let Riley sleep day?
Rose: Noooo*jumps on me* R5 DAY!!!
Me: Aahhhhh!!! NO WAY!!!!*falls out of bed*Ouch
Rose: We're making a cake!!!
Me: OMP! AN R5 CAKE!!!
Rose: Mmhhmm 
Me:*tiptoes to the kitchen* This is gonna be awesome!
Rose: Ssshhh! It's a surprise!
Me: Then stop yelling
Rose: oh yeah..right
Me:okay so we need batter,icing and pizza. We already have the batter, we need to buy the pizza and icing. What time is it?
Rose: Sorry, I stopped listening after icing.....
Me: Are you sure you're the oldest? Anyways it's 4am. This will be the best breakfast ever!
Rose: I got Riker's keys!!
Me: We out! 
* at the store*
Me: I can't believe we're in our pjs!
Rose: *riding on shopping cart* Hahaha suckers! C'mon I got the icing!
Me: Ask no questions.. *runs to the car followed by Rose*
Rose:Crank it up
Me: kaykay
*back at home*
Me: Do you know how to be quiet?
Rose: Nope. I'm always loud but I can get louder!
Me: Wow just wow
Rose: Yay! The cake is done!
Me:Yay!! Hand me the icing*ices cake and draws R5 on it.* All done! Now go wake everyone up
Rose: Yes! I finally get to use my blow horn! *goes upstairs and wakes everyone up*
Ross: What is going on?
Me: Ta-dah!!! HAPPY R5 DAY!
Riker: You guys are awesome! This is so cool!
Rose: Guess what's for breakfast?
Ross: Breakfast?
Rose: Noooo...PIZZA AND CAKE!!!
Ratliff: Am in paradise?
Rydel: Best R5 day yet! 
Me: It's not over yet! As best manager in the world I booked you a show in MadisonSquare today!
Rocky: Are you being legit?!
Me: Do people joke about MadisonSquare?
*everyone hugs me*
Riker: You're the best!
Ryland: Hey! I thought I was the best!
Me: You've been replaced! *laughs manically*
Rose: Okayy, anyways today's color is pink soo Stormie's got it covered.
Rydel: I can't believe we're playing Madison Square!
Riker: Where's my keys?
*me and Rose exchange looks*
Me and Rose: Uh-oh!
R5 put on a stellar performance just like always...In case u were wondering :P
So yeah this one sucks bt I wanted to do one for R5 day/week and was running out of time bt hope you liked. It's was sorta all over the place. Bt watevs!
Stay lovely!
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