i don't know what it is about taylor swift, but every time i consider using her as a model, i want to make a character that is super fake and biitchy. coincidence? ;]

Delaney Gallagher, 22
Hometown: Athens, Georgia
Industry Status: Veteran, several tours, a few platinum records and awards
Sounds like: Faith Hill
Bio: Delaney was the Princess of Country-Pop for years, landing title of America's Sweetheart and a bevy of Grammy awards. She had instant fame and hit stardom almost overnight, taking over the country world by storm with her girl-next-door looks, sultry sweet attitude, pristine reputation, and killer style. Everyone was sure she would rule the charts for decades. But then a series of increasingly poor decisions related to a night of one too many manhattans for an underaged girl, access to the keys of her Porsche, and an inevitable fatal accident earned Delaney a DUI and a month in jail. From then, she hit a downward spiral: the one time sweet, innocent girl frequented the clubs, landed on every gossip list in town, had petty cat-fights with anyone she could lay hands on, and it all eventually ended with a cocaine drug bust. Suddenly, no one heard of Delaney or her music. She practically fell off the face of the Earth overnight and wasn't heard of for 2 years. So cue dramatic comeback. Delaney hired herself the industry's top image consultants and managers to help with her resurgence back into the music world. She's adopted this 'sweet, humble' personality and likable nature to win people over once more with the hope that everyone forgets her past. But deep down inside, Delaney has a plan to regain her thrown as America's Princess of Country-Pop and she's not letting anything get in her way. Bottom line: Delaney will be ruthless. Delaney will be dangerous. And Delaney will not let anyone tell her no.
Relationship Status: Flirting constantly, but technically single
Model: Taylor Swift
Taken by: @jolieenrose

- - - -

{the family}

Blake Gallagher, 51
Financial banker

Erin Gallagher, 49
Ex-Momager, currently a house wife
(Cate Blanchett)

Dallas Gallagher, 24
Older Sister
Law Student
(Kate Middleton...yup.)

- - - -

{the two lovers}

Reed Parker, 24
Boyfriend Numero Uno / Brother of Denver
Music mogul for Park Records & manager for Delaney
(Ian Somerhalder)

Denver Parker, 23
Boyfriend Numero Dos / Brother of Reed
Music mogul for Park Records & manager of Delaney
(Matt Bomer)

- - - -


1. don't be fooled by delaney's sugary sweet attitude and gentle nature, she can bite.
2. she's in an open relationship with her two managers and co-owners of the mega-hit Park Records
3. delaney has been playing acoustic since she was 3.
4. she has a habit of wearing sparkles, sequins, and glitter, which often make her seem younger than she appears
5. she's still serving community service time for her dui and drug bust, but prefers not to have anyone know about it.
6. few people know delaney's true intentions (wanting to be princess of country pop, rule the music scene, have everyone bow down to her...etc etc). most assume she's actually worthy of a second chance.

- - - -

They say second chances come far and few between, so I guess I'm super blessed to be here again! The name's Delaney Gallagher and I've returned.

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Wrote 4 years ago
Wow, long time no see! Welcome back, dear Delaney! -Emerson

Wrote 4 years ago
Hello. I hope we can work with each other soon.

Wrote 4 years ago
Welcome back. I'm sure we'll be seeing quite a bit of each other.
-- Molly
(Lots of similarities between these two, maybe they used to be friends but Molly isn't a fan of how Delaney has changed?)

Wrote 4 years ago
(her parents are flawless <3 and matt bomerrrrr)
Good to see you back, Delaney. We should hang out some time if our schedules aren't too full.
xx Naleigh


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