The hostess straightened her trim, black dress and pursed her lips nervously. She was very young and small and perfect. Her face was pale and framed with sleek black hair, and her lipstick was a trifle too dark. It was after two and she was tired and wished they would all go, but it was no small task to rid yourself of some thirty people, particularly when the majority were full of her father’s scotch. The elevator man had been up twice to complain about the noise; so she gave him a highball, which is all he is after anyway.--Truman Capote (from "The Walls are Cold")


Wrote 8 years ago
VERY VERY nice. Elegance

Wrote 8 years ago
the shoes are so classic and so is the dress

Wrote 8 years ago
this is awesome

Wrote 8 years ago
ty, ty :) That dress is very special.

Wrote 8 years ago
g beat me again, i was going to make a set with that,luv it

Wrote 8 years ago
gorgeous set, that dress is great

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