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You know what I think is really cool? Tonight while my parents and I were looking at the stars because of how clear they were my dad said “you know how you can tell that one is a planet and not a star? It’s not twinkling.” Later on I thought about that statement and realized how true that is for humans. We all want to be stars. When we are young we want to be twinkling for the rest of our lives. Special little spots of twinkling light. As we grow up we face the realities of the world. At first we think that our light is slowly starting to die. But hearing what my dad had to say about planets not twinkling made me realize something. Just because your life doesn’t look like how you thought it would look when you were little, that does not mean that you aren’t magnificent. It does not mean that you don’t shine. It just means that you have moved on and become your own planet full of craters, mountains, different climates, beautiful moons you hold close. You may not be a twinkling star anymore, but you are your own world full of your own history, holding your special place in the universe. 

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