world's shortest nick/marina random thing.
obviously taylor is marina.
hope this gives you a little insight into the background of nick?


On Tuesday, Tom Hill punched Nicholas Davies in the face. On Wednesday, he and his friends tied Nick to a flagpole. On Thursday, Nick didn’t come to school at all. Marina Young came to the house to see what was wrong, but she found no sign of him anywhere.

That day, he sat in a junkyard, wondering, Why me? and drawing pictures of something better in a notebook his mother left him before she died.

But someday, they would take that away from him. The last notebook from his mother, the last thing he ever had. They burned it and made him watch as the ashes and sparks drifted away from him.

They took her, too. One day, Marina talked to Nick like usual. She knew he liked her – more than that, maybe – but she didn’t know what she wanted. She was used to being the best friend. Nothing more. And the next week, when Saturday and Sunday had passed far too slowly for Nick’s taste, he walked into school to see Tom Hill’s arm draped around Marina’s shoulder, her body pressed against his as they kissed.

Nick asked her why.

She looked at him sadly and said, “I didn’t want you enough.”

Nobody ever did.


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