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Sorry for the being MIA and everything. I had my first shift of work and well I hurt my back AND on top of that I’ve had a migraine. Fun life right? Responding to everyone’s messages as soon as I publish this. Also I apologise this story is so shitty. I literally spent like 5 hours trying to FORCE it out.

Grace Milton; November 15

It was the day of truth. Or rather the day Cassie and I were going to take the first steps towards trying to fix Gabriel and Joe’s relationship. The real day of truth would be when we talked to Joe. That was a day I’d rather not think about till it happened.

Of course my first order of business was to get Gabriel out of bed, which was really a hard enough task as it was, even without having to meet up with Cassie without him suspecting anything.

But waking him up was the task currently at hand.

“Gabriel.” I crouched over the air mattress, shaking his shoulder, “Gabriel, get up.” When that didn’t work I straightened up with a sigh, trying to decide what else would work, “Gabriel,” I repeated louder this time, kicking him, “Gabriel get your lazy ass out of bed right now.”

“I don’t want to.” He muttered like the three year old he really was on the inside. But I didn’t even care because at least he was awake now.

“Come on Gabriel get up.” I sighed, yanking the covers off him, bundling them up and throwing them across the room. There problem solved.

“Fine, fine.” He grumbled sitting up and glaring at me, eyes actually not appearing that sleepy.

“Yay. Alright you have 5 minutes to get dressed, then we’re going.” I smiled at him, twirling around and leaving the room so he could get dressed, I stuck my head back in before closing the door, just to remind him , “5 minutes.”


“Where exactly are we going in such a hurry anyway?” Gabriel asked me as we headed towards the cafe where we were meant to be meeting Cassie. Apparently cafe’s where were I was going to be having all my intense conversations at least recently anyway, though hopefully the public setting would mean we wouldn’t cause to much of a scene.

“We’re not in a hurry.” I lied through my teeth. Cassie hated lateness, “and we’re just going to breakfast.”

“You’re so dressed up for breakfast with little old me.” He gestured to my skirt, which was the second time I’d not been wearing pants in as many days. Stupid Cassie.

“What can I say. You’re special.” I batted my eyelashes at him teasingly. 

“Something suspicious is up.” He eyed me speculatively. Which is exactly when we arrived at the cafe. Spotting us Cassie stood up and that’s when Gabriel noticed. It’s also when apparently the pieces fell into place.

“You didn’t.” He hissed, turning to me his eyes flashing with anger (an expression I had never understood before but defiantly got now)

“I did.” I nodded, trying to stand my ground.

“You promised you wouldn’t.” He glowered before turning on his heel and walking away. Shooting Cassie a panic filled look I took off after him.

“I promised you I wouldn’t tell Joe and I could have but I didn’t.” Clearly that wasn’t the right thing to say though because he just growled and increased his pace. “Gabriel just fuc.king stop please.” I yelled. And he did. But didn’t turn to face me.

Cassie was right there though. Next to me. Which made everything easier. “Look I’m sorry Gabe I really am. I didn’t mean to tell her but I was talking on the phone and I let something slip and she asked and just it was to much and I was so stressed and I needed to tell someone okay.” I said, pleadingly bitting my lip to keep from crying.

He still didn’t turn to face us though some of the tension did leak out of his stance.

Cassie spoke up then, “Look Gabriel I’m not here to judge you or yell at you or try and get you to take Joe back alright.” She said soothingly, wrapping her arms around my shoulder in the process clearly able to tell I needed support. “I’m just here because this is stressing Grace out and it’s not fair to her. Alright.”

“No.” He finally turned to face us, “I know it’s not. I feel really guilty about it. I do.”

“I know you do.” She smiled at him softly. Guilt. That’s all everyone seemed to be feeling about this whole cluster-fu.ck. “I’m not saying go back to Joe or even to Boston just realise you can’t hide in Grace’s dorm room until you figure your shit out. It’s fair on no one.”

“Do you think I don’t know that.” He snapped at her. Which yeah okay I might have done in his position as well.

“Gabe.” I said stepping towards him, “You know I love you and if you want to stay here I am more than happy for that to happen. Just find an apartment or something. I’m sure you don’t want to live your life hiding in a College girls dorm anyway.”

“It isn’t really much of a life.” He relented.

“Exactly babe.” I nodded, ducking out of Cassie’s arms so I could wrap him in a hug.

“I’m sorry I put you in this position. No matter what happens it’s going to cause some sort of friction in your family.” Gabriel sighed into my hair. 

“Hey. I could have told Joe where you were. It was my choice to lie babe.” I told him honestly, squeezing just a little harder, “But I can’t do it anymore.”

“You’re going to tell him?” He asked, sounding really worried. Knowing everything I knew now it just made me sad.

“If he asks. I’ll say I know where you are. I won’t tell him but I won’t lie anymore.” I told him frankly, actually quite proud I’d made the decision by myself. Judging from Cassie’s little nod I caught over his shoulder she agreed.

“You haven’t asked me what happened.” He said as he unwrapped his arms from round my neck, “Which I assume means Cassie told you what happened.”

“Well as much as I know,” Cassie shrugged, speaking up again, “Which honestly isn’t even really that much.”

“No I suppose Joe wouldn’t say much.” Gabriel sighed wistfully, So what do you know?

“You argued about something to do with commitment. You left to give him some space. Sent him a text message to let him know you were alive. That’s the extent of contact you’ve had.” Cassie summed everything up in four short sentences. When you put it like that it almost seemed, insignificant somehow.

“Why’d you run Gabe?” I asked softly, slinging an arm around his waist for support, “Why are you still here?”

“I just wanted to give him space.” He shrugged, making no move to answer the second question.

So of course I repeated it, “Why are you still here?” and then added, “why haven’t you at least contacted him.”

“I dunno.” He shrugged, “Dunno if he still wants to see me.”

“He wants to know you’re alright.” Cassie spoke up again, from where she’d somehow migrated to leaning against a tree, “That’s probably all he cares about now.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen.” Gabriel shrugged. Which using my vast experience with him I translated to mean, he was scared and didn’t know if he had a future with Joe. I could be way off though.

“Time for some tough love mister.” I disentangled from him, standing in front of him on my tip toes, “This isn’t good for you or Joe or me and it’s not fair on any of us either. I’m not saying you have to go back to Joe or even contact with him but you know that you need to at least call him and hash things out. You know you need to make a decision whether to go back to Boston, move here, or move across the country to Miami or something. It doesn’t matter you just need to make a decision because this state of limbo and not knowing is not good for anyone yeah?” I asked.

“Have you been rehearsing that.” Gabriel asked dryly, trying to deflect.

‘Yes.” I deadpanned, “But you know I’m right.”

“Maybe.” He nodded his head sheepishly.

“Well no decision have to be made right this second.” Cassie walked towards us, apparently content now that Gabriel wasn’t going to bite her head off or something, “so here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to go for breakfast because you two need to eat. Then we’ll have a lazy day and you can sleep on your decision and decide on Friday what to do before Dad and Lily show up. Joe doesn’t get here till Saturday so you have time, yeah. Agreed? Good.” She nodded finally, decision made with no room for argument.

“Yes mum.” Gabriel nodded solemnly, causing both us to burst into giggles, Cassie rolling her eyes fondly.

“Right you two idiots. Breakfast’s on me.”

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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
I loved this!
I'm still really behind, you're not the only one!
I'm just struggling to make decent sets :'(

Wrote 4 years ago
I like it :)
Okay... good!
No. I meant it :D


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