~Two Door Cinema Club, Sun {this is my jam guys.}


Hey look that's my arm and my copy of Insurgent.

Hey guess what I just finished Insurgent.

Hey I'm an emotional mess and I can't even right now.

Hey someone hold me.

Hey how am I supposed to do homework right now.

Right so this set was partially made in the app but then the app decided to glitch on me or something so I had to finish it here on my laptop and I apologize that it's not that great but INSURGENT FEELS WHYYYYYYYYYY VERONICA ROTH WHYYYY I'M GOING INSANEEEEE WITH FEELSSSS and now I have to wait like 10 months until the third book comes out and I just can't... 

I may or may not do a whole long bloggy on Divergent/Insurgent, depends on if I can even put into words how obsessed I am right now and I am going crazy because yeah.

Anyway, have a great week everyone, I'll be on when I can :))

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